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Ivanka Trump Got Her Kids Got Kicked Out Of Their Fancy School By Going Maskless At White House Superspreader Events!

ivanka trump kids kicked out of school coronavirus

Looks like the Trump family should start getting used to being kicked out of places!

Unfortunately, the first members of the family to get the boot were not any of the employees of the criminally negligent White House, but their children — from their school!

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s three children have attended Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School since moving to DC in 2017, but apparently, on October 19 they switched to Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy in Maryland (these are both PRICY private schools btw — tuitions rack up to $28,400 and $25,270 respectively).

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A spokesman for their former school confirmed that the Kushner clan withdrew from the school, and a source close to the family told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the reason was because “Berman offered more in-person classes during the pandemic.” But some Milton parents have indicated that that’s NOT the full story.

Apparently, parents grew concerned after the superspreader event at the White House Rose Garden where at least 11 guests contracted COVID-19. Those concerns grew when President Donald Trump himself was diagnosed following the debate in Cleveland — which Ivanka attended, sans mask.

An anonymous Milton parent told the JTA:

“There was concern for the safety of children because it was very clear the Kushner parents were violating public health recommendations. … At the same time of rising cases in the states and children going back to school, we were seeing the Kushners violating quarantine requirements.”

Hey, we can’t blame them. TONS of folks are getting COVID after attending these events in which Trump and his family insist no one wear masks. We wouldn’t feel comfortable with our kids around them either.

(At the end of the day contagion is contagion; it’s just as irresponsible when the president throws an unsafe party as when TikTok stars do.)

According to the parent, the school wouldn’t share whether Jared and Ivanka had divulged information on when they or their kids had last seen the President when he was diagnosed. There were particular concerns in the community over the youngest Kushner, whose Pre-K class was held inside:

“Masked, but indoors, and there are the Secret Service, who are with the children. That was also a concern.”

Multiple parents alleged that the school tried to work out a compromise in keeping with the school’s coronavirus guidelines for social distancing, limiting travel and social gatherings, and other common CDC recommended practices. However, an agreement was never reached, and the couple withdrew their children instead.

Per, White House Spokeswoman Carolina Hurley released a statement attacking the parents for speaking out, saying:

“Unnamed sources attacking a family’s decision about what is best for their kids in the middle of a pandemic is shameful. As is true for all families, schooling choices and education are deeply personal decisions and they owe no one, especially idle gossips seeking press attention, an explanation.”

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All we can say is, Jared and Ivanka are public servants (for now, anyway), so the fact that they haven’t been following safety protocols is kind of all of our business. And considering the White House is in the middle of its SECOND coronavirus outbreak, we really understand where these parental concerns are coming from!

And you know what? We’ve already seen that Ivanka knows better and wears a mask — and specifically takes it off in front of the cameras to send the wrong message to her father’s followers. Frankly, that makes her actions even more egregious.

Trump Family masks
(c) Ivanka Trump/Instagram

We may disagree over whose behavior is shameful in this situation, but if they want to stop the gossip, they’re free to step down and return to life as private citizens and see how it goes! Might as well get a head start, right?

[Image via Shawn Thew/CNP/ & Ivanka Trump/Instagram]

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