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Yikes!! James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss Stopped Having Sex For YEARS Before Split!

James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss Say They Stopped Being Intimate Nearly 2 Years Before Split

Part one of the Vanderpump Rules reunion aired on Tuesday and with it came a lot of dramatic new details about why James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss broke up!

To the shock of everyone involved, the special episode, filmed back in December, kicked off with the former couple dropping a major bombshell — they broke up the night before filming the reunion! Ready to talk about what went wrong in their relationship, Raquel explained:

“It’s been something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I think that James has noticed that my heart hasn’t been fully in it. I didn’t want to give up on him because he really has shown me how dedicated he is to me and the things that he’s willing to do to better himself, but I feel like it’s something deep within.”

To prove how serious this was, she added:

“I’ve been having nightmares about our wedding day. I think that that’s like, a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.”

Wow! No kidding.

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Once she initiated the conversation about breaking up, they “both came to the conclusion” that their romantic relationship wasn’t serving either of them. While it doesn’t sound like James was going to admit to the issues, he said he was grateful Raquel dared to “put it out all on the table,” sharing:

“As heartbreaking as it is for me, she’s not f**king wrong.”

Leviss went on to note that the desire to call it quits was “a gradual realization.” They tried working on their relationship over the five years that they were together, including James getting sober, but he admitted it “didn’t quite fix it all.” Getting emotional, the 30-year-old expressed:

“We had a conversation a couple of months ago and I asked her if I’m your soulmate. She said like, ‘Do you think I’m your soulmate?’ It was almost like, the first time I felt like we weren’t destined in the galaxy. It wasn’t a clear answer. It wasn’t like, ‘Absolutely, you’re my soulmate.’ That’s how it should be, I feel like, right? At least that’s what I want.”

The DJ continued:

“We’d rather just end it and pull the bandaid off before we get married and have a baby and get a divorce because that’s literally the last thing I’d want.”

Even though she was the first to call off the relationship, Raquel was struggling with that fact that James brought so much joy to her life throughout their time together, reflecting:

“The happiest moments of my life has been with James and he’s just so fun to be around.”

The exes got engaged last May but just six months later announced their shocking split. During the reunion, Lisa Vanderpump asked “what changed” between the duo to cause the sudden split. James blamed COVID-19 quarantine, which sadly tore apart so many couples. But there was also another problem… The Bravolebrity revealed:

“We haven’t been having sex for a while.”

And by “a while”, the newly single lady meant YEARS. Referencing an incident in which she received a heated text from Kennedy after a girls night out, the reality star detailed:

“It’s been since those rage texts that James sent me.”

Whoa!! That is a long time! We mean, that aired on VPR in early 2020, meaning it happened in 2019! So we’re talking two years!

So wait, they got engaged following those texts. Did they really not celebrate that next chapter of their life?? Whoa…

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When pressed about James’ anger issues, Raquel insisted that it was drawing a wedge between them. She also expressed a desire to “shift gears” about the focus of her life, noting her long-term desire to become a pediatric occupational therapist. She mused:

“I envisioned a life with James and it was something that I fantasized about a lot. So it’s kind of like, closing that book and just redirecting my energy somewhere else.”

And if all that wasn’t dramatic enough, host Andy Cohen had to point out that Leviss was still wearing her engagement ring. The TV personality claimed she was planning to return it, asking her ex:

“Do you want it now?”

As co-stars watched with their jaws dropped, Raquel quickly slid the rock off and handed it to her former beau. It was so awkward and crazy to watch!! Most of the co-stars couldn’t even comprehend if the moment was real!

James Kennedy & Raquel Leviss Say They Stopped Being Intimate Nearly 2 Years Before Split
(c) Bravo/Hulu

Soon after this dramatic moment, James walked off set after a heated exchange with Scheana Shay‘s fiancé Brock Davies. In the hallway, James vented to Tom Sandoval about the split, calling it an “enlightenment” when his former fiancée couldn’t say they were soulmates.

“We loved each other but we’re not in love anymore. She’s made her decision, bro. Her parents have always hated me. It’s never been easy, Tom. It’s never been easy. Even after becoming the man that quit drinking and gave up his whole f**king lifestyle for this relationship, it wasn’t enough. And I learned my lesson. I’m never doing this again.”

Yikes… It’s a good thing these two called it off before they had kids because it sounds like they had some serious issues that went unaddressed for so long!


[Image via Bravo/Hulu & Juddy Eddy/WENN]

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