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Jana Kramer HATED Tiger Woods' Former Mistress Rachel Uchitel -- But This Interview Changed Everything...

Jana Kramer apologizes to Tiger Woods' former mistress, Rachel Uchitel, in new podcast interview.

Jana Kramer is walking things back…

The effervescent host of the popular podcast Whine Down opened up in this week’s latest episode about her not-so-generous thoughts and feelings towards Rachel Uchitel — you know, Tiger Woodsformer mistress who was one of the focal points of this month’s two-part HBO documentary on the golfer’s personal struggles and inner demons.

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Before Uchitel joined the 37-year-old former One Tree Hill star for the brand new January 17 podcast episode, Kramer –who herself has endured cheating from her husbandMichael Caussin, in the past — offered little by way of sympathy for Uchitel’s story. Prior to their interview, in fact, Kramer got very candid about her not-so-fuzzy feelings for people like Uchitel and the havoc they cause on the families of those with whom they get involved:

“I hate her, honestly. That’s a really mean thing to say. I don’t know her. She’s the face of someone else I hate. That’s where I feel bad, I don’t know her story. She’s the face of someone I don’t like. It’s going to be hard for me to take the picture of who I’m picturing and just see her.”


Of course, it’s understandable why Kramer harbored some of those feelings towards Uchitel, considering the country crooner’s own rocky relationship with Caussin after his unfaithfulness and eventual s*x addiction were brought to light several years ago. We’re sure she hates the woman he cheated with, too (though she’s mostly forgiven him).

But even more interesting here was Kramer’s personal growth through it all!

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Once she actually got to sit down with the 45-year-old Uchitel, Jana learned quite a bit more about the woman behind the scandalous Tiger Woods affair.

At one point during their candid interview, Uchitel explained why she even got mixed up with Woods in the first place, examining her own dating history and needs to be fulfilled, saying (below):

“I always date toxic people, I always do the ‘push and pull.’ I would leave, or I would make people leave to prove that they would come back. … [It was] a love addiction.”

Something in that conversation really rang true for Kramer, because by the end of the podcast she was apologizing to Uchitel and owning her mistaken pre-conceived notions.

Jana summed it up best at one point, saying (below):

“You have a story and everyone has their story, so I apologize for just straight up being, like, ‘No I hate her. She cheated, she’s who cheated probably with my husband.’ So I really am so sorry for just not getting to know your story before I passed judgment. Because I’m sure you’ve gotten that judgment from a lot of people.”

No kidding!

And remember, of course, that it takes two to cheat; the unfaithful husbands are just as responsible as the mistresses with whom they sneak off!!!

What do U think of Jana Kramer’s personal growth and development here, Perezcious readers?!

Good for her for recognizing her shortcomings and preconceived notions, and admitting her faults, right??

It takes a lot to grow up and be the bigger person like that!

Much respect, Jana!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Instagram]

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