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Jana Kramer Refused To Fart Around Fiancé -- Even Through Entire Pregnancy!

Jana Kramer Never Farted In Front Of Fiance Allan Kramer Pregnancy Birth

What in the heck?!

Last week Jana Kramer welcomed her third child, her first with fiancé Allan Russell. With characteristic candor, the One Tree Hill alum told the whole story of the birth and recovery on her Whine Down podcast on Monday — and inadvertently shared a WILD detail about their relationship!

The country singer explained as part of her recovery from having a C-section she couldn’t eat until after she passed gas. That was a new thing for Jana — because she never let herself fart in front of Allan before that! She explained:

“I’ve never farted in front of Allan. I would not dare fart in front of him, ever. But I’m like, ‘All I want to do is fart. Like, I don’t care if it’s in front of him, I don’t care if it’s loud. Like, I just need to fart.'”

OK, we totally get the situation with the recovery. NBD, really. The part that has us doing double takes is when she says she “never farted” in front of the man previously. WHAT?!

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We’re talking about all the way through dating, all the meals shared together? Getting engaged, having sex, sharing a bed, she NEVER farted in front of this man? What, every time she had to toot, she held it in and excused herself to another room? For all those months together, the entire time of knowing him, right up until after giving birth to his child? Oh right, and that means she was PREGNANT for like 40 weeks and all through THAT time she “would not dare fart in front of” the guy.

Sorry, but… that is just WILD!

We understand wanting to keep up that magical first impression of perfection early on in the relationship, trying to keep that mystique as long as possible before you’re a real person. But Jana was FULL ON PREGGERS AND HOLDING IN HER FARTS because she was worried about what this guy thought? Damn. That’s some crazy discipline.

And she was apparently able to get away with some sneaky ones even post-baby! Jana went on to explain:

“This lady came in to do — she’s like a [physical therapist] — to kind of show me how to log roll and get in and out of bed and stuff like that when I get home. And when I was doing the little log roll things, there was a little, ‘Pfft,’ but nobody heard.”

LOLz! So wild to us she was still trying to keep up that perfect image. Something tells us as amazing a catch as Jana is, Allan would have been understanding about the odd gas now and then.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? How long do YOU wait before farting in front of a significant other? Are you with Jana??

[Image via Jana Kramer/Instagram.]

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