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Bestiality? Dead Bodies? Embezzlement? Jeff Lowe Spills EVERYTHING About Tiger King's Joe Exotic!

Jeff Lowe makes wild allegations against Joe Exotic

Jeff Lowe is spilling all the tea on Joe Exotic!

If you watched Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix (if not, what are you doing), you’ll recall that the Lowes bought Joseph Maldonado-Passage‘s zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Now that Joe is behind bars and just about everyone is heavily invested in what’s been going on, there’s nothing holding Jeff back from telling all of the juicy secrets we didn’t get to see.

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It all started in 2015 when Joe and then-husband Travis Maldonado visited Colorado when Jeff was interested in purchasing a zoo Callahan, Colorado, as he shared with Daily Mail:

“Joe wanted to come out to Colorado to give me his professional opinion because he thought he was the gift of all the zoos, he was going to tell us what had to be changed in order to bring the zoo back to USDA compliance.”

Because of his HIV diagnosis, Mr. Exotic said he needed someone to take over the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park since he had been told at the time he only had two years left to live:

“He presented me these pictures of himself on his phone with his face all swelled up and his lips all purple. Joe told me at that time the was HIV positive. Joe told us he had a $5 million life insurance policy and he was going to put us down as a 50 percent beneficiary so we would have money to take care of the animals, with his husband Travis getting the other 50 percent.”

But apparently, he wasn’t actually HIV positive. Lowe explained to the outlet he found out Joe did have an autoimmune disease called CVID, which isn’t transmitted sexually like HIV, but mimics the genetic code:

“I mean he used that as a crutch whenever times were tough and he’d get out of line, he’d say, ‘I’ve got this cancer, I have this auto immune deficiency you know, and I can’t pay the bills.'”

Joe couldn’t pay the bills, but apparently he was using money from his parents and the business to pay male prostitutes he met on Craigslist, according to Jeff. He added that on several occasions he would find young men wandering around the property after being kicked out by Joe. He recalled one time when a man told him:

“I’m not leaving until I get my money, Joe promised me $400.”

Copies of emails provided by Lowe to the publication show that Maldonado-Passage would promise them money to come to the zoo and have sex with him:

“We found lists of all of these accounts and passwords and I got into a couple of his email accounts and found him soliciting for big black c**k every Tuesday or Thursday night out of Oklahoma City on Craigslist. He would write to them, ‘I’ll pay you $400 to f**k me. I’ll pay you $300, to come f**k me. Come f**k me now.”

Wow. He continued to recall:

“Joe was embezzling money from the zoo in order to pay all of these men to come have sex with him, he was only making $150.00 a week at the time. He was using the zoo as his own personal piggy bank. As soon as I pulled the stairs [to the attic] down… it was like packages, packages and packages of these whips and chains and bondage devices.”

Apparently, Mr. Lowe found multiple thumb drives with photographs of Joe and then-husband John Finlay dressed in lingerie, hanging from sex swings, and engaging in sex acts with others:

“We also found pictures of stuffed animals where the mouths and ends of the animals had holes cut out in them where they would use them as their own sex toy.”

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And there were even allegations of bestiality with Joe and John. Lowe says a former zoo security guard disclosed to him that Joe used to bring some of his animals into his house in the middle of the night before returning 30 to 40 minutes later, adding that the former employee shared:

“You would hear horrible things coming from inside that house.”

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Possibly the most shocking nugget of info shared by Lowe though was that there could be dead bodies buried on the Oklahoma property:

“After Joe was arrested, four locals who didn’t know each other told me that there could be dead bodies buried on my property.”

It was apparently an employee who would tell a story about one night when two protestors attempted to climb the fence and they were shot by a second employee:

“It was about 3am at this time. After they were finished off, they told Joe what happened. Joe allegedly instructed them to put the bodies into the cavity of the big construction tires they have out there that weigh about 200lbs each.”

Jeff added:

“He then told them to throw gasoline on it and light it on fire to burn the bodies. Joe thought the dead protestors were working with PETA and they were UK citizens, which is why they never showed up on a missing person’s report.”

Lowe claims to have informed the authorities about this, which prompted an inspection:

“They came out and searched that particular area of the property bringing a bone specialist from the FBI out of Quantico. They walked around and dug in certain areas. The problem was it was the area where Joe had thrown animal bones at for years. There were already hundreds of bones buried there from the animals that they fed to the cats.”

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It was alluded to in the docuseries that Joe had killed several tigers. Erik Cowie, a former employee at the zoo, claimed to Jeff that he shot each of the five animals in the head:

“Erik had no idea what Joe what was going to do when he sent them to their execution, he was devastated after Joe shot them. … He needed to get rid of some of his own tigers to make room to board the one’s he was going to make money on.”

And apparently, there were more than a few other things that were left off-screen intentionally:

“Netflix wanted you to believe that I stole the zoo from Joe and Joe wants you to believe it as well, [but] he begged me to buy it. He wanted me to bail his ass out of trouble.”

We could be hearing more about this in the upcoming reunion special! If not, it doesn’t seem like any of those formerly close with Joe will be shutting up anytime soon.

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