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Jenelle Evans FINALLY Leaves David Eason For Good! And Confirms He Murdered The Dog!

Jenelle Evans Husband David Eason Child Abuse Killed Dog Separation Docs

There’d been speculation, but… It sounds like this really is the beginning of the end for Jenelle Evans and David Eason.

According to reports, the Teen Mom 2 alum has filed for separation from her scary husband. In court docs she cites his “erratic” behavior as the reason behind the split.

The US Sun first uncovered the documents in a Monday afternoon report. Jenelle actually filed her court complaint way back on February 23, although it was not made public until now. In that complaint, she claims that she officially separated from David on February 16 “with the intent that the separation be permanent.” Wow!

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The separation docs list out all the ways which David has exhibited what the MTV alum calls “concerning” and “disturbing” behavior during their marriage, including alleged “substance abuse problems” with alcohol and a “refusal” to work. Of course, she also mentions the worst — the infamous May 2019 incident in which he shot and killed the family’s dog Nugget in front of their now-7-year-old daughter Ensley:

“Throughout the duration of the marriage of the parties, the defendant has exhibited concerning and at times disturbing behavior towards the plaintiff. In May of 2019, Defendant shot and killed the family’s pet French Bulldog Nugget in front of the minor child.”

The separation docs also refer to David’s alleged assault on Jenelle’s 14-year-old son Jace late last year, noting:

“On or about September 28 of 2023, a report was made to medical professionals by plaintiff’s oldest minor child. … [David] was subsequently charged with misdemeanor child abuse and felony assault by strangulation.”

As we reported, Child Protective Services has since closed their case on Jenelle and David in regards to Jace. However, David is still facing felony charges for the alleged incident. Jenelle notes in the separation docs that David left the family home over the issue:

“Despite the voluntary dismissal of the underlying DSS proceedings, the defendant’s criminal case is still pending and the defendant is subject to several no-contact provisions in the aforementioned criminal case. Since the DSS case was voluntarily dismissed, and primary physical custody of [Jace] reverted back to plaintiff, defendant left the former marital residence at the behest of plaintiff so that [he] could return home with plaintiff and his siblings.”

Per the reality TV vet, David has since been living on her boat, which is docked in a nearby marina. It doesn’t sound like that’s going particularly well, though:

“Plaintiff has been spending his days drinking liquor at a bar near the marina.”


And there’s more. For one, Jenelle claims David has not checked in on Ensley at all since their separation. Furthermore, he allegedly completely left his 16-year-old daughter Maryssa behind at Jenelle’s house once he fully vacated the residence. And he’s refusing to give Jenelle back the key to their mailbox, too! Thus, she’s unable to pick up important things like bills, medicine for Jace, and more! Jeez!! The docs stated:

“Defendant developed no plan for ensuring both of his biological minor children were cared for and offered plaintiff zero support and assistance with any of the minor children during this time.”

And even that isn’t all. Later in the separation docs, Jenelle claimed her estranged husband showed up at their rural North Carolina home on February 22 despite there being a no-contact order against him for Jace. Jenelle’s docs state Jace was “home, but not present during defendant’s show,” in which David allegedly harassed and verbally abused Jenelle:

“For the purpose of harassing or annoying plaintiff, defendant took plaintiff’s vehicle without her permission and told her to kill herself among other vile insults, which plaintiff filmed the interaction for her safety.”

She further went on to note alcohol is allegedly the root of David’s “erratic” behavior:

“Defendant has further committed marital misconduct in that he excessively uses alcohol and has not maintained consistent full-time employment for a number of years, has recklessly spent the party’s money which plaintiff solely earns, and in other ways to be shown at trial.”

That alleged abuse of alcohol included some unsettling habits on the part of Eason:

“During the marriage of the parties, defendant’s excessive use of alcohol was burdensome and rendered plaintiff’s life intolerable. Defendant would regularly drink and drive and spend excess money on alcohol — money which he does not earn and which could otherwise go toward the financial well-being of the minor children.”


For the embattled mom, the number David has done on her reputation in public and with regards to career opportunities is pretty bad, too. She explained in the docs:

“Plaintiff has been a faithful and dutiful spouse to the defendant and has stuck by the defendant’s side through the criticism of millions of people across the world on social media, who voiced concern regarding the defendant’s behaviors. Defendant’s conduct has caused plaintiff employment compensation and degraded her public image.”

Now, she’s asking for primary physical custody of Ensley. She also wants child support from David. AND she’s requesting their property be distributed “in the form of an unequal distribution of assets in the plaintiff’s favor,” as she cites herself as the family breadwinner. That includes requesting the court allow her to keep the family’s home and rural acreage all for herself.

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That may not come without a fight, though. She noted in the docs how David has already been vocal about not wanting to give up “his” home:

“Defendant has made several statements that plaintiff cannot keep him from ‘his’ home. Plaintiff is in need of the sole use enjoyment and possession of the property for the benefit of plaintiff and the minor children and hereby request this court to enter an order sequestering the property for the benefit of plaintiff and the minor children.”

Per the US Sun, David was served with a copy of the complaint over a week ago, on February 23. Per the county clerk’s office, he has yet to file his response. This is all a lot, though. To hear her tell her side of things, it sure sounds like Jenelle and the kids have been living through hell. And frankly it ain’t that far from what we’ve been hearing for years either! Ugh.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Are you happy to finally see Jenelle get clear of this guy? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

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