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Jeffrey Epstein Visited The White House At Least 17 TIMES When Bill Clinton Was President

Visitor Logs Reveal Jeffrey Epstein Visited The White House At Least 17 TIMES When Bill Clinton Was President

The more we find out about Bill Clinton and others’ connection to Jeffrey Epstein the ickier this entire scandal gets…

We already know that the former president has long tried to distance himself from the convicted pedophile (just like another  former prez) — even though multiple accounts have recalled him being on board Epstein’s private plane, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” in the past. However, new information about Clinton and the billionaire’s relationship has come to light — and the 75-year-old won’t be able to downplay their connection this time!

In visitor logs obtained by, it shows that Epstein supposedly stopped by the White House at least 17 times during the politician’s first few years in office, with the first invitation coming in on February 25, 1993, just one month after his inauguration. The person who reached out to the financier was listed as “Rubin,” who could have been Robert Rubin as he took on the position as director of the National Economic Council when Clinton took office. He reportedly was set to visit the “WW” or the West Wing at the time and entered the White House at 9:19 am while Clinton had scheduled a meeting with Rubin at 1:45 p.m. that same day. It is unclear if he also attended. A spokesperson for Rubin told of the visit:

“To the best of Mr. Rubin’s recollection he never met or spoke with Mr. Epstein.”

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After that, Epstein reportedly made appearances on 14 separate occasions, even making two visits in one day at three different times. He primarily headed to the West Wing when invited by some of Clinton’s top aides. As for the reasons behind the visits, Epstein once attended the White House Historical Association’s reception after donating $10,000 to the building renovation in 1993. During the evening, he and Clinton were photographed shaking hands and talking while Ghislaine Maxwell stood in the background. According to the logs, he went on to visit two more times that same year but the reasons for why were unclear.

However, a majority of Epstein’s drop-ins took place during 1994. He first came around the area on March 24 at 3 p.m., with the approval of Mark Middleton, who was the special assistant to the president at the time. Clinton apparently had already headed out for the day to stop by the Pope Air Force Base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and later a private event in Dallas, Texas.

Per the logs, Middleton and Epstein met in room 176 of the old Executive Office building but later moved to the White House mess in the West Wing. A source explained to that the decision was most likely Middleton’s attempt at impressing his guest with his proximity to the Oval Office, saying:

“Mark was trying to make himself look bigger than he was. He was trying to make himself out like he had more power than he really did in the White House. Mark knew that Epstein was managing the money of Les Wexner’, referring to the billionaire founder of L Brands and Victoria’s Secret. The year 1994 there were midterm elections, Clinton needed money, and Mark thought he could get some of Wexner’s money. Mark wanted to set himself up as the guy who could bring in those kinds of big donors.”

The insider recalled Epstein being “very charming” but emphasized how that was normal behavior for those wanting to meet up with the president:

“He didn’t dress very smartly and wore jeans and a button down white shirt. One time he got chatting with me and claimed he had been a Navy SEAL. I’d just read a book on the SEALs so I knew how to check if he was telling the truth and asked him: ‘What was your class number?’ A real SEAL could answer that in a second but Epstein couldn’t. I looked at me and smiled and his face said: ‘You got me’. I just smiled back at him and we moved on.’”

As we mentioned before, Epstein suspiciously enough went on to make a string of same-day visits throughout the year, starting on April 20. The insider said of those days:

“Mark probably looked at the president’s daily schedule and said: ‘Come back later and we’ll try and get you in there to see him. Even if it was just for a few minutes, you’re still meeting the president.’”

On April 25, the New York City native showed up to the White House again at 5:15 p.m. around when Clinton had some “down time for the remainder of the day.” This means he had just enough time and no prior engagements to see his friend. Epstein then returned one last time to the White House on January 28, 1995, during some free time Clinton had set aside for the rest of the day.

What is even crazier about this whole thing is that it is still unclear why Epstein was there in the first place for a majority of the time or what the two men discussed. However, one thing that is clear this visitor log doesn’t make Clinton look good at all.

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[Image via WENN, Florida Department of Law Enforcement]

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