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Jenelle Evans' Mom Vows To Fight 'Evil F**king Person' David Eason For Custody Of The Kids!

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While you were watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, you may have missed the fireworks in a courtroom in North Carolina.
But don’t worry — it’s still just as incendiary two days later.
On Wednesday afternoon a judge granted Jenelle Evans custody of her kids back.
2-year-old Ensley and 5-year-old Kaiser had been taken from her home after a child protective services investigation — sparked off by public outcry after her creepy ammo-hoarding hubby David Eason slaughtered the family’s French bulldog, Nugget.
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As you may recall, he practically bragged he was saving Ensley, citing a video in which the tiny dog harmlessly snapped at her.
CPS determined there were more problems in the home than pet murder; agents testified in court that the children were “terrified” of Eason and being traumatized by their parents’ constant screaming fights.
David’s 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship was placed with her mom’s family, and Kaiser went to stay with dad Nathan Griffith‘s fam.
Ensley, the daughter of David and Jenelle, didn’t have another parent to go with. But the Teen Mom star’s mom Barbara Evans was there. Heck, she was already raising 9-year-old Jace.

Everything seemed to be going fine. Barbara was having a blast with the kids.
Meanwhile Jenelle and David did everything they could to regain custody, including going to marriage counseling and parenting classes.
However, doing the right thing yourself isn’t nearly so easy as painting someone else as being just as bad. That may have been the tactic which paid off the fastest.
Just this week David called 911 on his mother-in-law after Jace told him about an incident in which Babs had locked Ensley in her room while she took a shower — then was unable to get the door open for a few minutes, during which the toddler was hysterical.
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We don’t know if that tipped the scales or what, but it was just after the incident when Jenelle and David were given custody back on Wednesday.
And Barbara is NOT happy about it.
Speaking to Radar Online, the reality TV grandmomma revealed just how upset she was, saying about the court’s decision:

“It was an injustice to the children. We are all sick to our stomachs.”

Babs also said David didn’t show a hint of growth during the handoff:

“David came over my house, and started a fight all over again. Jace was very upset, and he didn’t want to go with them.”

Jace, who has been in Barbara’s custody basically his whole life, was just going for a visit. But he refused, which caused David to scream even more.
About her son-in-law, Barbara was unequivocal:

“He just is the same person he normally is. He’s not going to change. He is an evil f**king person.”

She continued:

“Now they’re back with this crazed guy. He’s back in his mean s**t.”

Barbara also gave a hint as to how David may have convinced the court he wasn’t an animal-killing psycho David “faked being nice” while in front of the Griffith family at Kaiser’s birthday party last week:

“It was all a set-up. The minute it was dismissed, their whole true colors came out.”

Apparently even she had bought it at the time. She posted:

Barbara told the outlet this battle isn’t over. She declared:

“I’m going to fight for these children.”

Good. They need someone to make sure they’re safe. And sorry not sorry — we just don’t trust their parents.
[Image via MTV/YouTube/Jenelle Evans/Instagram.]

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