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Jennifer Lopez Album Flop DESTROYED Ben Affleck Relationship?! Marriage Troubles Explained!

Jennifer Lopez Album Ben Affleck Problems Explained

OK, we’ve all heard it by now. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez breaking up?! Say it ain’t so!

A source told InTouch Weekly on Wednesday the couple are having serious relationship problems and Ben “reached a breaking point” and moved out! The crazy thing is, that seems to have been confirmed by other outlets as the Batman v Superman star really is staying in another home in Brentwood. Damn!

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The InTouch source said this second cataclysmic Bennifer breakup was ultimately about the same things the first one was. So what are these fundamental differences that Ben and Jen just can’t get past? Well, an insider speaking to The US Sun on Thursday doesn’t think it’s nearly so dire — they literally are saying it ain’t so! But they’re also absolutely willing to admit the couple have some serious differences that have long plagued them as a couple. Elucidating the issues, this source said:

“The fundamental difference between them is that Jennifer has an incredible golden optimism about every situation and Ben sees everything — and I mean everything — in his life as a problem that only he can solve. She’s good at ignoring little, insignificant stuff and focusing on the big picture, and he isn’t.”

Huh. That does sound accurate. Ben has certainly gone through some dark periods dealing with failures, whether they be critically derided films or crumbling marriages. J.Lo, on the other hand, tends to keep up that image of perfection at all times, no matter what. Hell, even her abs always look impeccable.

So what’s the current biggest stress on the household? Jen’s album and tour flopping! Yeah, we heard This Is Me… Now hasn’t been meeting J.Lo’s expectations. But strangely, due to how they process criticism and crises, the insider said it’s actually hitting him harder than her:

“Jennifer is having an undeniable career crisis on the music side of her work and she’s calmly addressing it and keeping her fingers crossed for the best possible outcome, even though things are not looking good right now and she’s getting some of the worst press of her career. But Jennifer can handle doing twenty crisis meetings in one day and it’s a lot harder for Ben to do that because he has to blow off steam and check in with himself more. That’s not changing any time soon, it’s who they are.”

We get that… But does he have to blow off steam in another house?? We just don’t know, that seems like a stretch. But then again, maybe this is just the kind of break some couples could use to stay together — and most can’t afford, you know?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers?? Is taking some space just a way to not break up when you’re in such different places emotionally? Or are these two doomed??

[Image via Jennifer Lopez/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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