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Jennifer Lopez Admits Jenny From The Block Video Was A Mistake!

Jennifer Lopez Admits Jenny From The Block Video Was A Mistake!

Jenny From The Block may be one of Jennifer Lopez’s most defining songs — but its music video is far from what she wanted it to be!

Flashing lights, designer ‘fits, fast cars, yachts — all things seen in the famous 2002 music video, which revolved around the media’s view of her relationship with Ben Affleck. But that’s not how the Hustlers star thinks it should have been in retrospect! In an interview published on Tuesday, the Hustlers star told Variety the song’s visuals should have reflected its theme more:

Jenny From the Block should have been me back in the Bronx kind of walking around the neighborhood. That’s what that video should have been.”

It’s hard to imagine it any other way — even though the video did receive a lot of criticism at the time of its release! But the concept wasn’t her idea… She says it was director Francis Lawrence‘s.

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The 54-year-old told the outlet it was the future Hunger Games helmer who convinced her to get Ben on board to lean into the paparazzi angle:

“We were so ourselves. And we never thought that people would take offense or be angry at us for kind of living out loud and making a cool video. We were so naive.”

Inneresting! Although it turned out the way it did, J.Lo says overall, she has no regrets:

“I don’t regret it. Even though it wound up turning out ugly for us in the media, it was very defining for me in my musical trajectory. Some very beautiful, iconic images came out of that video. It’s the one thing, no matter where I go people still go, ‘Hey, there’s Jenny from the block.’”

That’s a pretty good consolation to not having the video’s aesthetic go your way… Hey, maybe she could re-shoot it now! She still looks just as amazing! Watch the OG (below):

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[Images via Jennifer Lopez/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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