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Jessica Simpson Fans Very Concerned Following ‘Strange’ Behavior & ‘Slurred’ Speech In New Pottery Barn Ad

Fans Are Very Concerned For Jessica Simpson Following Her ‘Strange’ Behavior & ‘Slurred’ Speech In New Pottery Barn Ad

Jessica Simpson has people worried with her latest post on Instagram.

On Thursday, the 42-year-old singer posted an advertisement video giving a tour of the room she put together for 3-year-old daughter Birdie — with the help of Pottery Barn Kids of course. She said in the ad:

“Hi, I’m Jessica Simpson, and welcome to my daughter Birdie’s room, designed by Pottery Barn Kids and a little bit of me. I was really drawn to the geometric prints and the color scheme. This really, to me, is Birdie’s personality. Thank you everyone for checking out the adorable room of Birdie Mae Johnson.”

But it wasn’t what she said — it was how she said it. Watch for yourself (below):

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The cute room is not why the ad’s getting so much attention. Since she posted the clip, many fans have taken to the comments section to express their concern for Jessica, as she could be heard seemingly slurring her words and talking very slowly. They also called out the fact that her body looked very different at the moment. Social media users wrote:

“Respectfully…she looks frail”

“Wtf happened to her face. She can barely speak. Shame”

“Is she ok?”

“Please tell me I’m not the only one that hears her voice being totally slow…is she ok?!?!”

“Why does she talk like that now. it’s just strange, it’s in every video of her talking. Like she is trying really hard to get the words right.”

“She does not look well. Her eyes are so sunken. Something is not right.”

“Cute room but this is concerning for sure”

“Too thin! She looks unhealthy. Why does her speech seem to be slow/slurred”

“Something is clearly wrong. Hope all is well”

“You sound wasted. Seriously slurring in this video. I wish someone would offer you help. It’s clear you need it.”


While many are worried for Jessica, several social media users came to her defense and slammed people for commenting on her appearance or making assumptions about her life:

“Can everyone leave this woman alone tf. She’s been through enough”

“I am so tired of everyone judging her every detail. Sheesh. All of us are doing the best we can and just trying to make it through the day. Build each other up, not tear each other down.”

“Can we normalize NOT talking about other people’s bodies/faces/appearances? She’s criticized no matter what she does”

“I think she looks great. Everyone on this thread is acting like people aren’t suppose to look older once they start to get older. Lol she’s lost a lot of weight, and some of that came from her face. Give the woman a break. She’s beautiful!”

“It’s sad that all these comments are about her appearance. It’s none of anyone’s business. I wish people were kinder.”

This isn’t the first time the Dukes of Hazzard star, who has been open about her addiction to alcohol and pills, as well as her struggles with body image issues, has made her followers uneasy. Previously, fans also called out her “fidgety” behavior and “slurred speech” back in April when she promoted the allergy relief brand Flonase on Instagram Stories.

What do you think about their concerns, Perezcious readers? Is something going on that folks should be pointing out? Or are they just being unfairly judgy? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram]

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