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Surprise! Joe Rogan Is Defending Barbie From Man-Baby Haters!

Joe Rogan Blasts Barbie Critics

Hey Ben Shapiro et al! Even Joe Rogan thinks you’re being weird little whiny insecure man-babies!

The comedian, who has swung hard right the past few years, surprised us with his totally reasonable take on Barbie. The movie has became a lightning rod for conservatives looking to attack anything that “woke” — which of course they define as loosely as possible. Suffice to say the movie’s message about women being treated badly in the real world was too much for some men to handle. Rogan, on the other hand, found it delightful!

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Speaking to Post Malone on his podcast this week, he brought up the hit flick, which made him scratch his head when he eventually saw what all the fuss was about:

“A lot of people are upset about the Barbie movie, and I left perplexed.”

Why? He didn’t get why everyone was angry! He called it a “fun, silly movie about dolls who come to life.” However, he wasn’t blind to the issues the movie was poking fun at. He continued:

“But a lot of it is about the patriarchy, and it’s a comedy, it’s a comedy about dolls. People are upset that it’s this progressive metaphor for life that they’re pushing progressive politics in this, and I’m like, ‘It’s a f**king doll movie!’ It’s a doll movie. It’s a fun movie about dolls who come to life and try to interact with the real world.”

We mean, it is a progressive movie — largely because even saying DON’T MISTREAT WOMEN is a controversial political statement these days. But yes, it does deal more directly than anyone expected with the gazillion ways the patriarchy, politicians, and corporations make women’s lives harder — especially for a “doll movie.”

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And you know what? Joe Rogan was totally cool with it! Unlike Ben Shapiro, who burned some Barbie dolls in effigy (yes, for real), Rogan actually gushed:

“No one’s ever done a movie like this before. This is not like anything else you could say. It was a bizarre movie, but it was a fun, silly movie, I laughed. But at the end of it I was like, ‘How did people get outraged at that?’ I know some people personally who said it’s anti-men. I’m like, ‘No, it’s making fun of dorks.’”

Yep. He made a great point, explaining that the movie wasn’t against men, it was against crappy men. And he’s “appalled” people would get so defensive of those types of guys:

“Are we going to do this thing where we put all men as men, it’s one category, we’re not going to judge people as individuals?”

Huh. Well. Good one, Joe Rogan. See the full segment (below):

[Image via Joe Rogan/Warner Bros/Ben Shapiro/YouTube.]

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Aug 11, 2023 07:48am PDT