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ICYMI: John Oliver Took On Amazon's Fulfillment Centers!

You may have missed it, but John Oliver turned his eye from the White House to another problematic building on Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight: Amazon fulfillment centers.
In a disturbing segment aggregating some more serious reporting no one had paid nearly enough attention to, Oliver and company pulled back the curtain on how Amazon is able to get all those products you buy delivered to your doorstep so fast.

If you guessed punishing human labor, give yourself a gold star!

Workers describe how they are told to make promised delivery dates “at any cost” — which means human workers are bossed around by machines which time their movements.
Criss-crossing the warehouses to retrieve random products often requires laborers to walk a grueling 15 total miles a day.
Ch-ch-check out the report (above) for the whole scoop — along with, thankfully, some lighthearted jokes — because it is DEPRESSING.
Then let us know if it’s going to change YOUR behavior??


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Jul 03, 2019 17:48pm PDT