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JoJo Siwa Is Staying Single After 'Really F**ked Up' Security Situation With Last Girlfriend! WHOA!

JoJo Siwa Is WAY Single -- Because Of 'Trauma' Of Last Girlfriend!

JoJo Siwa is single and not ready to mingle anytime soon! And it’s all thanks to her most recent girlfriend, as she revealed on a candid appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. But let’s rewind a sec…

As you may recall, the 20-year-old television personality was in an on-and-off relationship with Kylie Prew for over a year, starting in February 2021. When they ended things briefly later that year, JoJo dated Katie Mills, but they didn’t last long — and the Dance Moms alum got right back together with Kylie. Shortly after the pair broke up (again) in June 2022, she began seeing TikToker Avery Cyrus. However, by December, their relationship was over. And that breakup got super messy!

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Around the time of their split, JoJo posted a video to Instagram Stories saying she got “used for views and for clout” and “f**king played” by her ex. Fans believed she was talking about Avery, given the timing of the post. However, the social media personality swore the singer was not talking about her as they ended things “on great terms and are still friends.” Hmm. Then who..?

Well, Katie got involved in the drama soon enough! She came forward to slam JoJo for putting her and Avery “through hell for months” without any explanation:

“How can you tell someone you love them and ghost them the next day, and then post all over the internet that we’re clout chasers and love bombers? You sent me and Avery through hell for months and gave us no explanation why. You know we aren’t love bombers and or clout chasers.”

Oof. Since then, JoJo has remained single and is in no rush to find a new partner! Why? She revealed on Wednesday:

“I have been really, really done bad in the love department. I’m very scared of it now.”

Oh no! Why? She says she’s still working through the “trauma” of her “last relationship” — a relationship that happened in the spotlight! Without name-dropping the girlfriend, JoJo said:

“Our getting together was very public. Our official relationship was very public. Our breakup was very public.”

She has to be talking about Avery, right? It definitely isn’t Kylie, whom the So You Think You Can Dance judge says is “my good partner, who is my ex, but is my good friend.” They even talk all the time, JoJo shared. Katie was in between Kylie and Avery. So the Karma artist has to be referring to Avery. She is the last known girlfriend, and we all know how everyone got a front-row seat to watch their relationship and split play out!

However, it turns out a lot happened in their romance we don’t know about — and most likely never will, unfortunately! JoJo continued:

“There has been a lot that went down that if this microphone wasn’t on, I would tell you what she did, what she told me, anonymously. But I had to have my security team handle it.”

Whaaaat??? JoJo wouldn’t go into detail about what happened. She did drop a tease, saying:

“I got a really, really, really f**ked up — had to have my security team handle — message. I just realized there’s so much that the world doesn’t know, including that. Still to this day, I’ll get these comments and I’m just like, the world doesn’t even know.”

OMG! According to JoJo, her security team soon found out that it was somebody “very, very close” who sent the message. That’s when she got a “weird gut instinct” her then-girlfriend did it. So she’s saying Avery sent this “f**ked up” message?! Whoa. At first, JoJo said she brushed the situation off. However, she eventually realized how messed up the whole thing was:

“Wait, that’s actually not okay. I just realized there’s so much that the world doesn’t know, including that.”

Again, don’t hold your breath if you want more deets about this ordeal! JoJo pointed out she could not share any more information at this time since “it’s a whole-ass legal thing behind closed doors.” She’s taking legal action against her ex?! Whatever went down must have been super serious! Wow…

In fact, it was so bad that JoJo shared that the “trauma” from the incident left her with some “mad” trust issues, and had a very hard time trying to date again:

“It built a trauma I didn’t even know I have. Until now I’m like, ‘Oh that’s why you can’t talk to a girl, because of that.”

That’s rough! When JoJo did give dating a try again, she said she “fully” had a roster of women:

“I had three or four girls that I was like, wait, I’m kind of into all of them. This is kind of fun. I’ve never had that.”

She admitted she “ran” from the situation due to her past experience, though. Now, JoJo plans to have her significant other go through a complete background check with her security team. She does not want a repeat of what happened, apparently! However, she isn’t giving up on finding love again yet! JoJo said she “loves love” and hopes to find another partner one day. The reality star even has a few things she is looking for in a girlfriend! For starters, she noted she “would prefer not another artist” but doesn’t mind if they work in the entertainment industry. She wants someone taller, “older,” and who has a “masculine” energy.

But most importantly, she wants someone who can accept her career and both sides of herself. The entertainer JoJo and “Joelle,” the girl she says she is “when I’m at home, when I’m in my sweats.” She explained:

“They both are present at all times. Sometimes we look like one, but we are the other. And sometimes we look like the other and we are the one. Partners in the past have forgotten that I am still this human and almost will s**t on this human a bit.”

One person even told her, “I like the other version of you better,” or “I like that only I get this version of you.” Damn. No matter what’s going on, JoJo pointed out she has to be “on” every second of the day because of her job, and she needs someone in her life to understand that:

“My career is almost like a child. … It’s always present. I’ve had partners that are not understanding. Like, ‘Ugh, why do you have to answer your phone right now?’ Because my work was here before you and it’ll be here after you.”

Good for her for knowing what she wants! Hopefully, her next relationship will be better than the last! Watch the Call Her Daddy interview (below):

None of her ex-girlfriends, including Avery, have reacted to these claims at this time. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Avery Cyrus/Instagram, Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube]

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