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25 Years Later... Here's How Police Are Still Working On JonBenét Ramsey Murder Investigation

25 Years Later... Here's How Police Are Still Working On JonBenét Ramsey Murder Investigation

Investigators in Boulder, Colorado are still actively searching for the killer of JonBenét Ramsey, and as the 25th anniversary of her shocking and tragic death comes up this week, they are sharing new updates on the infamous case.

According to new info released by police in the city of Boulder, investigators are actively seeking out new leads in the unsolved homicide using DNA technology. Of course, JonBenét Ramsey’s name is sadly well-known across America now, after the 6-year-old girl was found murdered in the basement of her family’s home on Christmas night in 1996.

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In a statement released to the media this week, on occasion of the 25-year mark in the child pageant queen’s murder investigation, the college town’s police department informed the public that they were continuing to exhaust all leads. That means an analysis of more than 1,000 DNA samples thus far in a bid to try to find the child’s killer.

The statement read:

“Thanks to the huge advances in DNA technology, multiple suspects have been run through the system to check for matches. That DNA is checked regularly for any new matches. As the department continues to use new technology to enhance the investigation, it is actively reviewing genetic DNA testing processes to see if those can be applied to this case moving forward.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has also reportedly updated more than 750 reference samples in the case using new DNA technology. Police say that at this point, so many years after the murder itself, advanced DNA data collection is likely their best hope to crack the unsolved case.

Still, they have not yet identified a suspect who would warrant a criminal murder charge. Shannon Carbone, a spokesperson for current Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty, informed People of that unfortunate fact in another statement about the investigation, saying:

“This homicide is a tragic, unsolved case. Unsolved homicides are a priority for our office. The Boulder Police Department is continuing to actively work the case, review all leads, and keep our office informed of any progress.”

As true crime followers no doubt recall, John and Patsy Ramsey called 9-1-1 in the early morning hours of December 26, 1996, after finding a handwritten ransom note in their house. They were unable to locate their daughter, and frantically called police to search for the missing girl. Eventually John found JonBenét dead from a skull fracture — she had also been strangled, and a garrote was found around her neck.

Early on police believe the crime scene was staged by the parents, with the “ransom note” written by Patsy. Many pointed the finger at the victim’s odd older brother Burke, then 9 years old, but police never viewed him as a suspect.

However, DNA evidence changed things. In 2003 the DNA of an unknown male was found on JonBenét’s clothing, leading to the DA eventually declaring the family was “completely cleared,” even sending an apology letter in 2008. Patsy, who died of cancer in 2006, did not live to see the exoneration.

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In the years since JonBenét’s death, the Boulder PD claims they have followed up on more than 21,000 tips from 19 different states regarding supposed information on the crime. They have interviewed more than 1,000 individuals in their look into the awful act. Still, they have yet to identify or charge a suspect in the terrible, tragic death.

Here’s more on the case’s most recent updates:

Let’s just hope that modern advancements in DNA technology can make a difference for the memory of this little girl…

[Image via Inside Edition/YouTube]

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