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Josh Hutcherson's Wild Nude Scene!

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More like present man — because that is unwrapped like a gift!
Josh Hutcherson does his best to save the world in the wacky new time travel series Future Man. And sometimes that involves giving it all you’ve got. The whole nine yards. Or inches.
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The Hunger Games star appears to go full frontal in the second episode of the Hulu series — and it’s two-for-one as he’s having a Viggo Mortensen-style naked fight with himself! (Don’t ask us, it’s time travel, whaddaya want?)
Ch-ch-check out the stills of Josh and his Katniss Everpeen (not sorry!) (below)!
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OK, that’s obviously a prosthetic on the right, but we’re pretty darn sure it is on the left too. Only his hairdresser who shaved that weird ass arrow in his pubes knows for sure! Ha!
To get an idea just how crazy the Seth Rogen-produced series gets, see the full trailer (below):

[Image via HULU via Mr. Man.]

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Nov 16, 2017 20:31pm PDT