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Julia Fox Reveals She's Actually Been Celibate For YEARS Now!

Julia Fox Says She's Been Celibate For HOW LONG??

Julia Fox doesn’t need a man. She’s better off doing her own thing!!

Over on TikTok this weekend, the BIG story has been dating app Bumble‘s new billboards. As you may have heard, the company has been re-branding itself a bit. Most notably, they have now opened up their process to allow men to send the first message to their matches. Of course, that is a notable departure from the way they previously did things, with women taking the lead — you know, their big selling point so women wouldn’t be subjected to endless awful pickup lines? Well, ill-conceived or not, they’re celebrating the change with a big new ad campaign!

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On Saturday, TikTok user @ferociouskatie posted a pair of pics of Bumble’s brand-new billboards in El Lay. The billboards are, uh, surprising to say the very least. They read:

“A vow of celibacy is not the answer.”


“You know full well a vow of celibacy is not the answer.”

Um, excuse us?! THAT is supposed to be the app’s selling point now?! “You have to have sex, give these horny dudes a chance”??? Yeesh…

The user who posted the now-viral snaps to the social media app wrote this in a graphic slapped on top of one of the pics:

“Imagine pretending to be a Dating App FOR WOMEN and launching a million dollar ad campaign BLAMING WOMEN for a very normal reaction to mens violence.”

Not a bad point!! The billboards are definitely, uh, an interesting choice. (You can see the pics HERE, by the way.)

Innerestingly the post led to a surprising revelation! In showing her support for the criticism, Julia Fox revealed she’s actually been celibate for TWO-AND-A-HALF years!!! Down in the comments of the anti-Bumble TikTok post, the Uncut Gems star’s verified profile popped up with this stunning admission in response to those ads:

“2.5 years of celibacy and never been better tbh.”

Julia Fox Says She's Been Celibate For HOW LONG??
/ (c) Julia Fox/TikTok


Of course, Julia has 3-year-old son Valentino with her ex Peter Artemiev. Those two were married from 2018 to 2020. And evidently not long after that, Fox dipped out from the world of sex and love! Interestingly, DOZENS of other women stepped up with comments underneath Julia’s reveal to admit how they, too, have opted for celibacy:

“It’s been 5 for me and I’m loving it”

“8 yrs celebrate, no drama, no hate, I’m finally loving every second of my life”

“Same! Truly have never been happy and more peaceful in body mind and spirit. It’s wild how men destroy our peace.”

“went 4 years and it was life changing I see life more clearly now”

“Right?? I feel like I finally have mental clarity”

“Two years for me. Healing”

“22 years! taking it to the grave”

“2 years here, never happier, discovering my interests, talents, etc”

“The last time I slept with a man, I spiraled so it’s been 3 years for me”

“5 years here, loving myself more every day”

“it’ll be 3 years on Halloween this year, it’s been my BEST years so far.”

Damn! So it’s a thing! Sounds like these ladies are living well with it, tho. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

But waaaait a minute. Let’s do some quick math here. Julia very (very, very) publicly dated Kanye West in 2022. Obviously, that relationship was within the two-and-a-half year celibacy period she now claims. So her and the Yeezy mogul weren’t intimate?! Nope!! And we actually heard that once before!

Julia previously told the New York Times there “wasn’t any” sex between her and the rapper, as their connection “wasn’t really about that.” If you didn’t believe her comments to the NYT at the time, well, maybe you should believe ’em now! She clearly took herself out of the game! And since Valentino is 3 now, as we mentioned, she more or less popped out the kid and said f**k f**king not long after that! LOLz. She’s DONE! And to hear her tell it on TikTok, she’s better off for it! So, good for her?! Reactions, y’all?? Share ’em (below)!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Avalon]

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