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Playboy Bunny Claims Justin Timberlake CHEATED On Cameron Diaz With Her!

Justin Timberlake Cheated Cameron Diaz Playboy Model Zoe Gregory Book

Justin Timberlake a cheater? NO! Heaven forfend! Can you hear our pearls being clutched? We’re going it ever so hard!

OK for real, we’ve known for sure JT wasn’t the most loyal guy since he was caught on camera getting cozy with a co-star named Alisha Wainwright while filming the movie Palmer in New Orleans in 2019. Jessica Biel didn’t dump her hubby and baby daddy, but we heard they had to do a lot of counseling. And also that she’s keeping him on a short leash…

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But this infidelity claim isn’t about his wife. This one goes way back… to his ex Cameron Diaz! The two dated from 2003 to 2007, his first lasting relationship after the big, bad Britney Spears breakup. It was during that period, claims Zoe Gregory, that she had her own Justin time.

The former Playboy Bunny released a memoir last month called From Britain to Bunny: A Playmate’s Journey Living the American Dream. It obvi didn’t get the coverage of Brit’s book, but eventually one juicy story did find its way to our ears. She claims JT cheated on Cameron with her!

Zoe Gregory in 2006
This was Zoe Gregory in 2006 btw. / (c) Rachel Worth/WENN

The model writes about an incident in the early to mid-2000’s when Justin was at a party at the Playboy Mansion — without his Charlie’s Angel! Zoe says she took the opportunity to hit on him! The story goes, per an excerpt in OK Magazine, that he mentioned his girlfriend and who she was. But all it took was Zoe pointing out Cameron’s absence for him to go for it with her!

“He didn’t want to look like a wimp. We both got in the grotto and we both got our kit off — down to his shorts — and we ended up fooling around.”

Wow. If this is true, what a jerk! They do say once a cheater, always a cheater…

Zoe makes it clear they did NOT have sex, btw, “but we had a fondle and we made out”:

“I just wanted to tick him off my list, to be honest. It was literally a five-minute thing and from what I can remember, he was decent.”

What stopped them? A moral line JT would never cross? Not exactly. As many Playmates have spoken out about recently, staying at the Mansion ranked somewhere between living in a draconian sorority and being incarcerated at a posh prison. And boss Hugh Hefner had told her she wasn’t supposed to be at that party! It was Zoe’s fear of the mag’s founder that kept her time in the grotto with JT on the short side:

“I was so scared of getting caught that I couldn’t continue for too long. Before it could go any further, we both put our clothes back on and said goodbye.”

Hmm. We’re not sure what to think. On the one hand, there’s plenty of reason to lie — it could absolutely be a clout-chasing situation here. And Justin is an extremely convenient whipping boy at the moment. On the other hand, the reason he’s such a good target is because we already know he was down to cheat on his wife. And that was a decade+ and two kids later, when he’s supposed to be wiser and more responsible! We think we believe her…

Do YOU buy Zoe’s story, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube/Jessica Biel/Zoe Gregory/Instagram/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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