Jwoww Admits Her Ex Was Abusive

If you haven’t watched last night’s Jersey Shore, let us warn you – it’s heartbreaking. The bulk of the episode is focused on Jwoww’s tortuous breakup with longtime BF Tom and to be honest, we had no idea how bad of a person he was until we saw it for ourselves.

After the show was over, Jwoww and her bestie Snooki made an appearance on the after show and talked about the split a bit more. In a gut wrenching confession, Jenni reveals that not only was Tom emotionally abusive, but physically as well.

We know Jen and while she comes off as a tough cookie, she is nothing if not the sweetest girl ever. She doesn’t deserve this. (Nor does anyone really.)

Check out the clip (above) to hear Jwoww explain her situation in her own words.

The past is behind you, girl. You have a bright, happy future ahead of you, totally detached from this guy. Forget all about him. He’s not worth a millisecond of your time.

Jan 22, 2011 3:00pm PDT

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