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Why Did Kanye West Move To Wyoming Anyway??

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Move Wyoming Divorce Reason KUWTK

In case you missed it when it aired, Thursday night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians — the next to last ep of the entire series!!! — showed a private moment we never thought we’d see: Kim Kardashian breaking down in front of her sisters over her marriage to Kanye West falling apart.

The scene seemed to show the very moment Kim reached her limit and finally decided to file for divorce, a move which seemed inevitable to basically all outside observers, but one the 40-year-old was fighting with every inch of her being because it made her “feel like a f**king loser” to end her third marriage.

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What was the bridge too far, the one thing she couldn’t live with? Based on her complaints to her sisters, it was his decision to move to Wyoming. Now that may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back — goodness knows there was plenty of other behavior on his part that called into question his commitment to the marriage — but it makes sense as a dealbreaker in and of itself, too.

We mean, you just can’t keep a relationship going long-term from a thousand miles away, no matter what that Vanessa Carlton song says.

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So why did he do it? Why did Kanye move to Wyoming in the first place? A source explained to Us Weekly on Friday:

“Kanye became obsessed with starting an artists’ getaway in Wyoming where he could focus on his music, fashion and art.”

He couldn’t do that in California??

We mean, it’s not like he couldn’t have bought a place with plenty of space in the desert outside Los Angeles. There’s SO MUCH space in the Valley, and it would be just a short drive from his children. The insider said:

“Kanye loves his kids and they come to visit, but Kanye felt he couldn’t create as well in L.A., the expansive nature and the privacy helped him to be inspired. Kanye also loves that everyone who comes out to the ranch is there for business or for art.”

So he didn’t want anyone to come by for friendly visits? Just for business or art? And if it’s inconveniently far away, no one will just be popping by, right?

That makes a kind of sense, only… it seems really sad and isolationist, too. But the source assured the peace that comes from living in the middle of nowhere is good for Ye:

“Wyoming is also a great place for Kanye’s mental health.”

Hmm. Just not a great place for the health of a relationship with a woman who has lived in El Lay since you’ve known her. We guess the answer, ultimately, is what we’ve always known: Kanye put Kanye first.

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