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The Kim Kardashian Shade! Kanye 'Feels Like He Finally Met Someone Who Truly Gets Him'

Kanye West Wife Bianca Censori First Woman Gets Him Kim Kardashian Shade

It sounds like Kanye West may be telling friends to forget about Kim Kardashian — because he’s found his real soul mate now!

The Power rapper shocked fans by marrying new GF Bianca Censori in a secret ceremony in January, after only a few weeks of dating. At the time no one knew if this was just a PR stunt to distract from all the Hitler stuff came out or what. A source even told Us Weekly at the time that even “friends don’t know if it’s legal.” But now it seems like it could be true love??

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A source close to Ye told Us Weekly on Tuesday that not only is it the real deal, it’s the realest. At least to Kanye himself. This insider said the rap icon and the Aussie architectural designer are meant to be:

“Things couldn’t be better for Kanye and Bianca and they’re doing amazing. Kanye feels like he finally met someone who truly gets him and loves him for the person he is.”

Sorry, “finally”? As in, he never was with someone before who truly got him and loved him “for the person he is”?

Then what the actual eff were the eight or so years with Kim all about? Remember when she had four of his kids? When she defended him no matter what he was saying publicly, remember that?? He rewarded that loyalty by going harder and harder right-wing, to the point of literally hanging out with neo-Nazis. He showed respect to his wife by airing their most devastatingly personal dirty laundry to score points in a presidential campaign he didn’t even care about winning.

The point is, Kim stood by him for so long — and now she never understood him? Never loved him “for the person he is”? The gall to shade the mother of his children by telling his inner circle that!

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But that’s not all. Whereas he just told Kim what to do all the time because, you know, he was such a genius he actually sees Bianca as an equal. The source says:

“Bianca complements Kanye on so many levels and he loves that they can work and collaborate together on projects. He appreciates and respects her opinions, even if they don’t always agree. She really keeps him grounded and he’s feeling better than ever.”

If your blood is boiling on Kim’s behalf, raise your hand.

The good thing for her, of course, is that she’s rid of him! If he’s happy with his new wife, he isn’t inciting his followers to go after guys she dates. Unless, of course, it turns out Bianca is super into that, too?

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Hulu/YouTube.]

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