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Taylor Swift’s Worlds Collide In SNL Season 49 Finale With Ex Jake Gyllenhaal Hosting & Bestie Sabrina Carpenter Performing!

Taylor Swift’s Worlds Collide In SNL Season 49 Finale With Ex Jake Gyllenhaal Hosting & Bestie Sabrina Carpenter Performing!

We’ve come to the end of the road on season 49 of Saturday Night Live.

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift‘s ex Jake Gyllenhaal took the Studio 8H stage to close out the 49th season of the sketch comedy show. And nooooo, he totallyyyyyy wasn’t salty that he was only one episode away from hosting the premiere of the 50th anniversary episode! Ha! He said in his opening monologue:

“When you think of historic television seasons, the first number that pops into your head is 49. I mean, sure, one more episode and I would have been hosting the premiere of the 50th season, but who cares? [49] is a great number.”

The Roadhouse star ex continued:

“I know we’re all waiting for season 50, but, you know, you can’t get to 50 without a little bit of 49. And we’re here at the finale, the End of the Road.”

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Jake then started singing the lyrics to Boyz II Men’s End of the Road, but with an SNL twist:

“I’ve loved you right from the start, oh season 49 / You know, I was actually SNL’s first choice to host the finale after a lot of people said no / I guess they’re all holding out for the 50th, but not me, not little J-G, I’m the one who said, ‘Yeah’ / They asked Pedro Pascal but he wasn’t around / Zendaya said no ‘cause she’d be out of town / Even asked [Ryan] Gosling to come back again, just hosted three shows ago”


Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim, Punkie Johnson, and Devon Walker then joined him on stage and sang in unison:

“Although we’ve come to the end of the road / It’s the last episode / Time to say goodbye / Season 49 / You’ll be 50 soon”

40 years and over 900 episodes! DAMN! Also, Jake has a set of lungs on him!! Watch the musical monologue (below):

And Jake wasn’t the only Taylor-related guest on Saturday’s show… Her bestie and Eras Tour opener Sabrina Carpenter was also in the Big Apple to serenade the audience for the season’s finale! First up, she sang her chart-topping single Espresso, and absolutely CRUSHED it! Watch (below):


She also sang a mashup of Feather and Nonsense, which sounded absolutely excellent. Watch (below):

Sabrina typically concludes Nonsense with an ad-lib relating to whatever city she’s in. This time, she sang:

“This song catchier than chicken pox is / I bet your house is where my other sock is / Woke up this morning, thought I’d write a pop hit / How quickly can you take your clothes off, pop quiz / He is 30 Rock hard ‘cause I said hi / My sense of humor is but I am not dry / SNL I just came for the first time”

She always kills it! However, we wouldn’t have been mad if she’d added a little riff in there about Jake and Taylor! That would have been the perfect opportunity! And we know Swifties would have gotten a kick out of it!

Sabrina also stuck around for a gruesome Scooby-Doo skit, where she played Daphne alongside Jake’s Fred. Watch (below):


Later on in the show, the Weekend Update guys Colin Jost and Michael Che hit each other with some absolutely SAVAGE jokes — with one even about Colin’s wife Scarlett Johansson! Watch (below):

See the rest of this week’s highlights (below):

Well, that’s a wrap on season 49! What’d YOU think?? SNL will return this fall with season 50!

[Images via NBC/Peacock & MEGA/WENN]

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