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Katie Couric’s Ex Nanny FIRES BACK At Scathing Tell-All Memoir With BOLD New Claims!

Katie Couric’s Ex Nanny FIRES BACK At Her Scathing Tell-All Memoir!

Katie Couric’s former nanny gave her own brutal tell-all after her former employer completely trashed her!

In the journalist’s scathing memoir, Going There, the 64-year-old bashed her daughter’s nanny — who is called Doris in the book — for being “delusional” and “trying to destroy her marriage” to Jay Monahan throughout the three years she worked for them. According to, Couric claimed the ex-employee developed an “alarming level of codependency” and often felt “completely responsible for her happiness and wellbeing.” The former Today host eventually fired the nanny when she allegedly became super obsessive and jealous about Monahan spending more time at their home in New York.


However, Nancy Poznek (AKA Doris) claims Couric had everything all wrong! In an interview with Wednesday, the 76-year-old retiree claimed the television personality wasn’t able to function without her most days — especially when it came to personal hygiene. She alleged Couric would be so tired from the work-week that she would not bathe on the weekends, and her husband would often have to force her into the shower. The mother of three also allegedly had a nasty habit of picking her nose and wiping it on her pillow. Poznek recalled:

“One time when we were in Key West, Jay said to me, come on you gotta come with me. He took me up to the bedroom, she was in the bathroom and he said look – it was her pillow, she’d picked her nose all night, all the (boogers) were lined up. She was like that. She’ll drink out of a milk carton and when her underwear were dirty she’ll turn them inside out.”

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In the book, Couric wrote that Poznek asked for a hug before heading to bed one time and hugged her back “a little too tightly,” which creeped the Virginia native out. But according to the caretaker, that wasn’t how the situation went down, saying Couric hated being alone. Poznek even alleged the author kissed her on the lips at one point:

“When we traveled and there was a one bedroom suite I’d sleep in bed with her. She doesn’t like to be alone, and she doesn’t like confrontations. She was the one that was needy. It was like taking care of a teenage boy. She wasn’t organized.”

According to Poznek, that inevitably impacted her career. The nanny allegedly became responsible for waking up the anchor at 4 am, so she would get to the studio on time. Someone at NBC also often called her about making sure Couric had all her things for the day. Additionally, she found the reporter’s on-screen charm very off-putting:

“She’d say to Jay and me: ‘I have to go out and schmooze.’ I’ve seen her operate, I was with her when she was interviewed by People magazine, she reels these people in, they think she’s their best friend. As soon as she goes out she puts on that smile and that cutesy thing. Now she’s too old for that cutesy thing.”

In terms of her marriage to Monahan, Poznek found that Couric’s fame destroyed it at the end of the day. Allegedly, he was so concerned she would leave him that he kept his stomach problems a secret for a while and just started popping Tums “like candy.” He later passed away from colon cancer in 1996 at 42. Poznek expressed:

“Katie comes and plays this grieving widow thing. The widow card and the reason she does that is because she’s guilty, she wasn’t around for him all those years.”


After everything, Poznek told the publication that she no longer wants anything to do with Katie, who she said only decided to slander her name for the sake of making money:

“I was extremely upset. This is going to be in the book forever, it’s not true and I have to live with that all the time. If I ran into Katie Couric on the street I wouldn’t look at her, I wouldn’t say anything. Maybe before this story came out I would have but not since that. I don’t want anything to do with her. After all those years I imagine she doesn’t care. She doesn’t need the money, she figures she’ll go down with a bang, the book will sell zillions of copies. If she really felt all those things, why didn’t she get rid of me at the time?”

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