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Katy Perry Actually Pretended To Be Zooey Deschanel To Get Into Clubs Back In The Day!

katy perry pretended to be zooey deschanel to get into clubs

Of course we knew that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel were basically twins, but we didn’t realize how useful that resemblance might be!

The celeb doppelgängers used their lookalike status for what we THOUGHT was the first time in the Not the End of the World music video, where aliens mistakenly abduct the actress thinking she’s the pop star. It’s a pretty HIGHlarious way to poke fun at their similar looks, something that’s been a hot topic over the years, but apparently, it’s not the first time Katy has used those similarities to her advantage.

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On Monday, the pair sat down for a chat on Instagram Live to promote the new single. While they were speaking, the Daisies singer had a confession to make. She shared:

“I have to admit something, Zooey. When I came to LA, I was pretty much a nobody, and you were like just getting so huge at that time, it was like Zooey Deschanel ran the world at that particular moment. Your star was really being born. You have always been everything to me, but in that moment, I was so complimented to look like you.”

She continued:

“But I have to admit something to you on a Live: When I first got to LA, I went to the club a lot. And I wanted to get into the club, and I had no money, and I had no clout, I had nothing, and sometimes I would pose as you to get into the club.”


Much to Katy’s shame, the New Girl star had a surprising response:

“Well, I know this, because people were like, ‘I saw you!'”

Laughing, she went on:

“But I’m such a goody two-shoes, and as people kept going like, ‘I saw you out! I made eye contact with you,’ and I was like, ‘No!’ Then everybody kept telling me about this girl Katy, ‘Katy who looks just like you,’ and I’m like, ‘Who is this Katy?’ And then when I first met you, I was so relieved because you’re so pretty, and I was like, ‘Oh, thank God. She’s so pretty.’ You never know when people say you look like somebody, what they’re going to look like. But I was like, ‘Oh my God, she’s so gorgeous, thank you, compliment.'”

The American Idol judge apologized for “misrepresenting” the 40-year-old, especially since she used to be “tuned up to 11” while clubbing. But Zooey promised that this particular case of mistaken identity was actually a compliment.

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It’s interesting because the 500 Days of Summer star once spoke about about being confused for Perry, and she was NOT as, um, complimentary. In 2009, she lamented:

“It’s a little bit annoying, to be totally blunt. The only similarity that we have is that we look a bit alike. I used to get, ‘I heard you were out at such-and-such club drinking whiskey!’ [when] I was at home watching TV. I think we lead very different lives. At some point I feel like this will stop being a thing. I like the way my life goes. It’s sort of strange to be associated with someone that’s doing such different stuff than me. It’s weird.”

Thankfully, it seems like Taylor Swift isn’t the only celeb to have buried the hatchet with Katy recently!

Elsewhere in the livestream, the songstress spoke with Bob Ross of the David Lynch Foundation about transcendental meditation and mental health, and got a surprise visit from fiancé Orlando Bloom dropping off a sweet treat for his baby momma. Check out all that action and more in the IG Live (below):

[Image via FayesVision/Apega/WENN]

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