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Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Was 'Extremely Jealous' & Made Her Feel 'Ashamed' Of Her Success Before Divorce

kelly clarkson, brandon blackstock : he was 'extremely jealous' and made her feel 'ashamed' of her success

Kelly Clarkson deserves someone who celebrates her success — and unfortunately, it sounds like Brandon Blackstock wasn’t that person.

We’ve been watching the couple’s messy divorce play out publicly, and it’s clear there were serious issues in the relationship. Specifically, it seemed that there were problems with how their business and personal lives intertwined — the singer has been locked in a separate legal battle with her father-in-law’s management company (where Brandon works), and on top of that, he requested a hefty sum in spousal support.

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According to a source for Us Weekly, the current contentiousness — and the split itself — may stem from a pretty fundamental insecurity. The insider revealed:

“The relationship had been on the rocks for a long time. She was the high-income earner with a wildly successful talk show, and is the star of another hit show The Voice. Brandon was extremely jealous of it and made her know it.”

That’s pretty rough stuff considering Brandon was a producer on her talk show — and according to the 39-year-old, was the one who convinced her to do it in the first place! We mean, if you’re gonna push your wife to do (more) TV, you’d better be prepared for her to be “wildly successful”!

The source claimed that “tremendous resentment” had been building between the couple, and there had been “so much tension in the family home” throughout the pandemic. In fact, the Breakaway artist came to suspect “that Brandon was just using her for her money and lifestyle.” They shared:

“The marriage was really, really awful at the end. … Kelly felt that she could no longer trust Brandon. She had a lot of questions that he just couldn’t answer. … She just wasn’t willing to look the other way anymore.”

Damn. We wonder what other questions may have been raised by his behavior. Luckily, though, now that they’ve broken up, the momma of two is feeling “extremely confident” and “can finally enjoy her success without feeling ashamed.” (As she should!!!) The insider said:

“Kelly doesn’t take credit for her success but shares it with the team she works with. It’s just who she is.”

Yep, she gave a lot of credit to Brandon for The Kelly Clarkson Show, and it sounds like that wasn’t even enough. SMH. Joke’s on him, though, because his family is soaking in her success in the form of a new $5.4 million estate in Toluca Lake, CA. The source added:

“Buying a new house for the kids was also a new beginning for Kelly. It was freedom.”

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We’re so glad to hear that Kelly is enjoying her freedom and success. We mean, she’s the first damn winner of American Idol, for goodness’ sake. We really think Brandon should have anticipated this situation a bit more considering he’s literally the son of her manager… even if he lived under a rock and never heard Since U Been Gone on the radio, he must have had access to some numbers on the business end.

Anyway, Kelly obviously needs someone who lifts her up and appreciates how successful she is. We’ll be crossing our fingers for that!

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