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Kendall Jenner Gets ROASTED By Fans For Pretending To Fly Commercial In New Gucci Ad At Airport!

Kendall Jenner Gets ROASTED By Fans For Pretending To Fly Commercial In New Gucci Ad At Airport!

Kendall Jenner is *so relatable*, LOLz!

On Thursday, Gucci released a new Instagram campaign video for some of their high-end luggage. It featured the 28-year-old reality TV star-slash-supermodel. And it was seemingly a pretty simple campaign: it showed her walking through the airport, then at one point running down the concourse to catch a flight for which she was presumably late. No shocker there, just a basic airport-based ad, right? WRONG!!

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Fans immediately popped up in the IG comments noting how Kenny and her family have looooooong money and thus fly private jets pretty much wherever they go! Social media trolls took this clip (below) and lambasted it for ever trying to make people think that Kylie Jenner‘s sister lines up in boarding groups like the rest of us!

Ch-ch-check out some of the funny responses (below):

“Kendalls first time inside an airport be like…”

“This is hilarious because we all know she would never lower herself to commercial flights with ‘normal’ people”

“I’ve never seen anyone so happy flying commercial! Maybe I’ll get the bag too!!!”

“She only flies prívate with handlers.”

“yeah ok kj in a real airport and not a private jet, so unreal”


Oh, and that’s not the only place where controversy popped up for Kris Jenner‘s daughter, either. Previously, in September of last year, she and then-boyfriend Bad Bunny did a Gucci travel campaign together. Their shoot showed identical photos taken at seemingly this very same airport and with this same luggage! So, it appears that Gucci just chopped his stuff off the cutting board and kept Kenny for this latest promo. And fans picked up on THAT, too! Many were made about not seeing Bad Bunny:

“Aha now upload Bad Bunny’s”

“It doesn’t have the same vibe without Benito”

“I’m SO glad that these are now separate campaigns.”

“Benito was the highlight of this campaign”

“Bad bunny must have not gotten a return flight”

“Sin Bad Bunny, NO HAY LIKE”

“y Bad Bunny?”

That isn’t Kendall’s problem, of course. It’s not like she has control over which images and clips Gucci uses in which posts for their campaign beyond signing off on the whole shoot itself… we think. LOLz. Regardless, since her and Bad Bunny are dunzo and have been for months now, we’re not surprised that their campaigns are evidently going to be split up from here. But the private jet thing… OOF!! Too funny. And too true! Sorry Kenny, but it is!! Reactions, y’all?? Share ’em (below)!

[Image via Hulu/YouTube]

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