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Kevin Costner WILL Have To Pay Ex Big Money For Child Support! Find Out How Much!

Kevin Costner WILL Have To Pay Ex Big Money For Child Support! Find Out How Much!

It looks like Kevin Costner isn’t the only one taking huge wins in this messy divorce!

As we’ve been reporting, the Yellowstone actor’s estranged wife Christine Baumgartner has been making sky-high demands in regards to child support — even going as far as trying to dodge the rules of their prenuptial agreement until she gets what she wants!

At first she wanted an unbelievable sum — $248,000 per MONTH — which she said she needed to keep up their kids’ lavish lifestyle. In her legal filings, she argued their children, GraceHayes, and Cayden, are used to the high life, full of beach houses, vacations, gated communities, and personal assistants — and Christine doesn’t want them to have to give that up. Still, a quarter mil a MONTH?? It’s hard to imagine what could cost so much — considering the kids’ tuition, housing, and healthcare were being paid for separately.

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Then came the 68-year-old’s rebuttal, in which he accused his estranged wife of wanting to use the child support she was demanding for cosmetic surgery. He said in his legal filings she spent about $100k on cosmetic procedures, and he was certain that’s why she wanted all that dough — and he did not expect her to go get a nice house and keep up her kids’ luxury lives like she was claiming she would.

What’s a judge to do??

In the end, it looks like the court is mostly siding with Christine! According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, the 49-year-old handbag designer isn’t getting the full quarter mil — but she’s getting PAID! How much??

The judge in their divorce case says the Dances with Wolves star will have to pay his ex a WHOPPING $129,755 per month!

It isn’t quite the $250k she wanted — nor is it the $59k he wanted — but damn is it a pretty penny! This ruling hasn’t been fully confirmed as of yet, but according to the outlet these figures rarely change when the real trial comes around, so it’s seeming like Kev is just SOL at this point…

On top of the wild $129k/month price tag, the two parents will now each have to cover 50% of their kids’ medical and health expenses, extracurricular activities, and private school tuition, so The Bodyguard actor isn’t going to be paying 100% for everything anymore. However, he has been ordered to advance Christine another $300k in the meantime — $200k for her attorney’s fees and $100k in forensic costs.

It’s important to take note that although this child support number is wild — it is only temporary. In court a more firm number will be decided in court over the next few months. So, all in all, we could be seeing this number go down… or UP!

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