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Did Kim Kardashian Mess Up A Brand Name AGAIN With SKKN By Kim???

Did Kim Kardashian Mess Up A Brand Name AGAIN With SKKN By Kim???

Kim Kardashian may have already found herself in some trouble with her new skincare line!

In case you missed it, the 41-year-old reality star announced earlier this week she is launching her new and expensive brand SKKN by Kim on June 21. And while some fans were excited about the unveiling of the products, others could not help but notice just how similar the name is to another brand in the beauty space that launched last year — Lori Harvey’s SKN by LH.

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Oh no, first Kimono and now this. Kim’s naming strategy really needs a boost… Here’s just a small sample of the less-than-charitable response on Twitter:

“SKKN by Kim?? What happened to SKN by Lori Harvey??? One thing the Kardashians gon do is take from black women chileee”

“SKKN by Kim Kardashian. SKN by Lori Harvey? Someone’s marketing team needs to get fired”

“Skn by Lori & Skkn by kim(literally Kim stole this brand name from a black aesthetician and also copied it from Lori )do celebrities realise that not all of them need to have a skin care and makeup brand .”

“Why would kim do a line called SKKN when lori harvey has SKN. who’s bright idea was that?”

“Did Kim Kardashian really name her skincare like SKKN because LoriHarvey already took SKN??”

“Why would kim do a line called SKKN when lori harvey has SKN. who’s [sic] bright idea was that?” wondered someone else, while another critic asked, “Did Kim Kardashian really name her skincare like SKKN because LoriHarvey already took SKN??”

“So Kim K just launched her skin care brand *not suprising* what is to me is the laziness in the brand naming. Lori Harvey launched her skin care line months ago and it is named ‘SKN by LH’ Kim just added one K to hers. ‘SKKN by Kim’”


Clearly, people were not happy that Kim’s brand name is a little too close for comfort to Lori’s brand! Unfortunately, the similarities do not stop with the name, either…

Although the two women opted for completely different color palettes — Kim went for a neutral tone while Lori picked out a bright teal color — people also think their packaging looks the same. The lines each come in sleek cylinder bottles of different sizes and short round jars. You can ch-ch-check it out (below):

Hmmm… That one might be a stretch. Lori’s products don’t blend in with rocks…

There are plenty of differences, btw.

SKKN by Kim features nine refillable products containing a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C serum, face cream, eye cream, oil drops, and night oil. Her items include ingredients like niacinamide, glycolic and lactic acid, shea butter, and squalene. As skin aficionados know, some of the typical stuff one would see in a skincare line!

Meanwhile, SKN by LH is only a five-step line featuring a cleanser, a toner, a vitamin C serum, an eye cream, and a niacinamide cream. The 25-year-old model told Vogue in October 2021 when her brand launched:

“The three main ingredients that I have in the majority of my products are vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide because they have amazing benefits. They help with hyperpigmentation, dark spots and firming – and just work really well together.”

Although people took issue with how much the two companies resembled each other, it turns not everyone saw a problem with it! According to Page Six, sources close to Kim claimed that the United States Patent and Trademark Office did not note any issues about Lori’s trademark during her application process. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum began the process in December 2020 to file for the domains, then put forward a trademark application for SKKN in January 2021, and later submitted to trademark SKKN by Kim in March 2021. As the insider said:

“The USPTO told LH that she had to disclaim rights to the term ‘SKN’ apart from the mark as shown.”

However, it seems that Kim also ran into a similar bump in the road with another brand in regards to the name. As we previously reported, her legal team was hit with a cease and desist in July 2021 from the company Beauty Concepts LLC after the owner Cyndie Lunsford said she was running salons under the Skkn+ name since 2018. But she only applied to trademark Skkn+ within days of Kim submitting the paperwork for SKKN by Kim and two months after the makeup mogul filed for SKKN.

A very messy situation!

This is, of course, not the first time that Kimmy Kakes has run into problems with her brand name. She previously came under fire for cultural appropriation when she initially used the name Kimono — a traditional Japanese garment — for her shapewear brand. (They weren’t inspired by kimonos, she was just putting the words “Kim” and “mono” together.) After the backlash, she later changed the name to SKIMS. Frankly, it’s just a much better, less confusing name altogether.

It is pretty clear that Kim has a problem getting the name right when it comes to her brands sometimes, huh! What do YOU think about this matter, Perezcious readers? Do you agree that the two brands are very similar? Do you think Kim will change the name again?? Sound OFF with your reactions in the comments!

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