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Kim Kardashian Failed The 'Baby Bar' Exam Again -- Are Her Lawyer Dreams Dashed Forever?!

Kim Kardashian reveals she's failed the baby bar law school exam -- again!

Kim Kardashian has been going through a lot lately, so it’s not necessarily surprising that she failed the baby bar — again!

Of course, we’ve already taken a long look at Thursday night’s series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But a less-focused-upon portion of the episode — which has greater real-world implications, potentially — has to do with Kim’s potential legal career.

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The 40-year-old mom of four, who is studying the law as an apprentice underneath a few practicing lawyers in her home state, revealed the bad news in a phone call with those lawyers during Thursday night’s finale.

Clearly frustrated by her lack of a passing score for the second time, Kim angrily said (below):

“I failed! F**k! I failed. This is really annoying. [My score] was pretty much the same thing … [but] a little bit worse [than the first time she took it].”


Of course, Kim first revealed her initial “baby bar” failure back in an early May episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians — the same ep, in fact, when she revealed she’d caught COVID and was dealing with the sickness while having to take the test.

Still, two failures is tough, and can certainly be disheartening.

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Going through COVID and a divorce while raising four children and studying to be a lawyer — it’s a lot on her plate! / (c) WENN/Avalon & Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In a confessional on Thursday’s episode, she opened up a bit more about the emotions behind failing the same exam twice, telling the audience (below):

“I feel bummed. Like totally bummed, but it is what it is. I know I just have to not stress about it. There’s so many other f–king stressful things going on. I just have to do better in the future.”

Hey, kudos to her for being so vulnerable with this. It certainly can’t be easy to highlight your failures and show them off for the whole world to see. But she’s being honest AF, so let that count for something!

BTW, for those not in the know, the “baby bar” is a test California requires for first-year legal students who are not taking classes at accredited law schools — like Kim, who is working as an apprentice under lawyers and with a tutor.

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Students must get a score of 560 — or about 70 percent — to pass the seven-hour exam. According to the KKW Beauty CEO, she scored a 474 on her first attempt that was revealed earlier this month. It’s unclear what her score was on this second exam, though presumably a bit lower considering her comments (above).

Hopefully the third time is the charm for Kim! According to FindLaw, students who fail the “baby bar” a third time risk losing credit for any courses they’ve already taken and could have to start all the way over again on the first-year process.


What do U think, Perezcious readers? Is Kim cut out to be a lawyer after all?! Is this just a little hiccup along the way to a career practicing law, or is this a sign that this whole thing isn’t meant to be??

Sound OFF down (below) with all your thoughts and opinions on Kim’s legal career…

[Image via WENN/YouTube]

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