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Kim Kardashian SLAMMED By The Internet For ABSURD Comments About How 'Nobody Wants To Work These Days'

Kim Kardashian SLAMMED By The Internet For ABSURD Comments About How 'Nobody Wants To Work These Days'

Kim Kardashian is facing a TON of backlash for some controversial comments she just made about how “nobody wants to work these days,” and honestly, it sounds like she deserves the criticism on this one!

We don’t doubt Kim works really hard! We KNOW she does! That whole family works really hard! And they always have! But the audacity of being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple — and then shaming other people for not having the same charmed life experience as you without understanding why — is RIDICULOUS!!!

Okay. Let’s rewind. Here’s what went down:

The KUWTK star spoke to Variety alongside the rest of her famous fam in an interview that ran Wednesday morning. As we’ve been reporting, the reality TV mogul opened up to the outlet about her family’s new Hulu showThe Kardashians, and what fans can expect when it premieres in April.

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But one throwaway comment from the feature has turned into a HUGE s**t storm for the SKIMS mogul! Now the 41-year-old star has broken the internet again — but this time it’s for all the wrong reasons!

During the Variety chat, Kim gave her advice for women in business, and it hit all kinds of wrong notes. Speaking about what she thinks women can do to be successful in the boardroom, the KKW Beauty exec shockingly said (below):

“I have the best advice for women in business: get your f**king ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days. You have to surround yourself with people that want to work. Have a good work environment where everyone loves what they do, because you have one life. No toxic work environments, and show up and do the work.”

…That’s it?! All they have to do is work hard?? Why didn’t we think of that!!!

Seriously, Kim, WTF is this?? “Nobody wants to work”?! Did she really just drop that bull s**t line on us??

The video clip of her delivery when saying this is next-level tone-deaf, too:


That’s honestly super disappointing to hear Kim say. She is clearly so blind to her own incredible privilege and the reality that the VAST majority of women (of all people!) never, ever, ever come close to obtaining the resources and connections that were hers from the moment she was born! It’s a lot easier to work hard when you have unimaginable assets and social capital to use to your advantage! And the time to do it all, too, with nannies and maids and assistants on staff!!!

Also, special thanks to Kourtney Kardashian for parroting “that’s so true” on top of Kim’s comment. Just a wonderful vibe from the whole family on this one…

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Twitter rightfully blew up at Kanye West‘s ex after the controversial comments were published on Wednesday morning, and the responses are LIVID. Here are just a few of the thousands of tweeted reactions to Kim’s stated beliefs about womens’ apparent lack of work ethic:

“Kim Kardashian telling women in business to get their asses up and work the day after International Womens Day has to be the biggest joke of the year.”

“Kim Kardashian, a famous person without any career or job history is telling regular hard-working females to ‘move their f**king asses and work’ like she has worked a single day in her entire life lol”

“I have the best advice for Kim Kardashian. Shut the f**k up because you know nothing about what it’s like to be anything but rich and privileged.”

“so many people get up and work hard every single day and will never be able to get even a fraction of the luck or opportunities that kim kardashian has. what a weird take…”

“Kimberly, you wouldn’t survive 20 minutes working retail.”

“I have no doubt Kim works, but everything is easier when you have millions of dollars and an army of people working for you”

“They need to do a real reality show where she is dropped off in a small town with a studio apartment, no vehicle, no connections and no bank account. Let her take a bus to a minimum wage job then see if she can work hard enough to make it.”

“I wish I was born rich so I could be self-made”

“Love Kim Kardashian berating women who don’t want to ‘work’ when she was born into high society in LA and benefited greatly from the privilege that provided the platform for her to continue poaching from Black women originators. You just can’t make this s**t up!”

“I know Kourtney, the woman who said she doesn’t care to work and working is not the most important thing in life, is not amen-ing in the background”

Oh, and this tweet in particular (below) went mega-viral on Wednesday morning when the woman who sent it alleged she did want to work — for Kim! — and yet couldn’t make ends meet doing it (below):


But supposedly nobody wants to work… right Kim?

Seriously, Perezcious readers, y’all know we love us some KarJenner kontent as much as (more than!) the next person. But this is baaaad!

What do y’all think???

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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