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King Charles' Hospital Stay Secrets & Real Cancer Treatment Revealed?

King Charles Cancer Treatment Secret Hospital Prostate Procedure Explained

Remember when the news of both King Charles and Princess Catherine‘s medical procedures came out, and everyone noted how Charles was more open about his? Well, that may not have been quite accurate.

The Palace released a statement saying:

“In common with thousands of men each year, The King has sought treatment for an enlarged prostate. His Majesty’s condition is benign, and he will attend hospital next week for a corrective procedure.”

The monarch was praised for his openness, with a palace insider even saying:

“It was sensible to be more open about it, as otherwise, people might have thought the worst.”

But according to a new inside source, he wasn’t exactly being open about it after all. A source told DeuxMoi that “corrective procedure” was actually a little misleading. What he had done, says this insider, was a “full removal of his prostate gland.” Why not say that? Why the euphemism? Per this source it was purely about embarrassment. They say the reason was “because the main side effects are incontinence and erectile dysfunction.”

After the whole world read the transcript of his “tampon” phone call to Camilla, it seems almost funny to us to think of Charles being so shy about that aspect of his life. But it makes sense, it doesn’t get much more personal than that, right?

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The more relevant information Charles has been playing close to the chest is what kind of treatment he’s getting for his cancer. We know from the Palace’s statement the cancer was discovered while he was in the hospital for the prostate procedure. We’ve heard he’s seeking treatment.

However, we also recently learned the 75-year-old probably doesn’t believe in chemotherapy! Former BBC journalist Tom Bower reminded everyone on GB News how Charles’ Head of the Royal Medical Household is a man named Michael Dixon. The discredited doctor specializes in alternative medicine — “natural herbs and potions,” that kind of thing — and Charles is a major believer in him.

It concerned a lot of folks he was going to be another Steve Jobs, ignoring doctors’ orders to get traditional medical treatment. However, this same insider said, per the Deux U podcast, that Charles is getting treatment! Not herbs. Real stuff. Radiation. The source says he’s getting “radiation, not chemo.” They also reiterated what we’ve heard before, that “the prognosis is very good.” Phew!

This all makes sense! We obviously don’t know if it’s true, but if so we’re certainly reassured Charles will get the right kind of medical help and not rely on, well… potions. What do YOU think?

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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Feb 09, 2024 17:10pm PDT

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