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King Charles Caused 'A Lot Of Damage' By Not Allowing Prince Harry To Wear His Military Uniform To Queen's Funeral!

King Charles ‘Caused A Lot Of Damage’ By Not Allowing Prince HarryTto Wear His Military Uniform To Queen’s Funeral!

Blaming the feud on King Charles III!

In this week’s episode of Us Weekly’s Royally Us podcast, royal author Christopher Andersen opened up about why he believes the feud between King Charles and Prince Harry has gotten worse since Queen Elizabeth II’s death!

Speaking to the outlet on Thursday, Christopher insisted any possibility of a reconciliation between the father and son hit a speed bump when Charles refused to let Harry wear his military uniform to the Queen’s funeral.

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As we reported last month, Harry and Prince Andrew, as non-working royals, were banned from wearing their military uniforms during her ceremony. Though, oddly, Andrew — of all people — was granted permission to wear his during one special occasion. This was after he was stripped of his military titles following sexual assault allegations. Soooo, the decision definitely seemed like a slap in the face to Harry!

Interestingly, after a ton of backlash, King Charles reversed his decision and let Harry wear his uniform for one 15-minute ceremony during which the Queen’s grandkids stood by her casket for a final vigil before the official funeral. Still, the message was loud and clear! Christopher addressed this on the podcast, saying Harry and Meghan Markle may have wanted to reconcile with the royal family while in the UK… until the bulls**t started to occur! He explained:

“I think that [reconciliation] might have been the intention, but the king’s decision to initially not permit Harry to wear his uniform and during this funeral [and the] fact that at times, it seemed as if Harry and Meghan were being shoved in the background and even shunned, that did a lot of damage, I think. So, I have to wait and see where they go with this.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming media projects also aren’t going to be helpful for mending the fight. Acknowledging that the Archewell founders got themselves into a pickle for agreeing to do the Netflix docuseries and Harry’s memoir before seemingly wanting to make amends with their family, the expert guessed the royals “will not like” Harry’s memoir, Spare, which is set for release early next year. The King author mused:

“There could only be bombshells in that book. There’s no way to avoid the fact that it’s going to rub the king the wrong way.”

Very, very true. And we already know the couple worries they’ve said too much, too. We bet there are SO many bombshells!

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Christopher continued:

“[They] set up a new life for themselves as philanthropists and communications moguls with the Spotify deal, the Netflix deal, all this other going on. Really, their hands are tied, I think, to some extent.”

The people want the tea!

But the pair’s desire to spill the tea isn’t just coming from pressures of book sales and views. The biographer also believes the couple “want to tell the full and true story” of their experiences with the royal family, but “it’s not necessarily a pretty one.” That’s for sure! Hear more (below)!

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