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Kristen Bell Claps Back At Critic Who Says She & Dax Shepard 'Can't F**king Stand Each Other'

Kristen Bell dax shepard cant stand each other response

On this week’s episode of The Internet Says The Rudest Things, Kristen Bell was compelled to defend her marriage to Dax Shepard after a fan claimed the couple “can’t f**king stand each other.”

As you may know, the power couple have been very open about the ups and downs of their relationship over the past few years, with The Good Place star regularly getting candid about their trips to couple’s therapy.

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Well, one fan has apparently taken their honesty as a sign of incompatibility — and felt the need to voice their frustration on Instagram, writing:

“every piece of news i see about them talks about how they just can’t f**king stand each other, constantly fight, now this dude is apparently objectifying her as well. just what’s the point? … straight people are so tragic.”

The objectification was a reference to the news that Dax appeared on the show Top Gear America, where he showed off his van. On the side of the vehicle was a ‘80s-inspired, hyper-sexualized mural of the couple, where Dax looked like a super buff Conan the Barbarian while a barely-clothed Kristen clutched his leg. See (below):

The actor admitted to PopCulture:

“She wasn’t thrilled with the level of ‘female empowerment’ that was depicted in that mural.”

While Bell may have not been the biggest fan of her hubby’s van art, she made it clear that the pair “adore each other,” writing in response:

“we adore each other, we just try to always be honest about how marriage, or companionship in any form, is hard sometimes…. You cant always be in control, or right, and its important to us that we lead with the honesty of your ‘ perfect match ‘ being a myth. You gotta work hard to love yourself, and love other humans. Xo.”

Once again, Kristen is proving that honesty will always be the best policy! Sure, the duo aren’t perfect, but they continue to be #relationshipgoals. Back in January, Kristen wished Dax a happy 46th birthday by gushing over his commitment to growth. She wrote:

“It’s my favorite day of the year! When I get to celebrate the birth of my very favorite human on earth, and spoil him till he rots! The one who’s commitment to growth is astounding, who’s honesty is admirable, and who makes me laugh more than anyone. I love u so dearly, @daxshepard.”

It’s easy to pretend relationships are easy, so we applaud anyone brave enough to get real about the work that goes into maintaining a healthy one!

[Image via Apega/WENN]

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