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Kristen Doute In Denial Over VPR Firing & Claims She Never Called The Police On Faith Stowers!

Kristen Doute denies that she and Stassi Schroeder were fired from 'Vanderpump Rules.'

Is this the beginning of the Kristen Doute un-Apology Tour??

The 37-year-old former reality TV star is trying to clear a few things up three months after being let go from Vanderpump Rules, except according to her, she nor her pregnant co-star Stassi Schroeder were actually fired from the show for their racially motivated actions against former cast member Faith Stowers.

She denied this and more following Stassi’s first sit-down since the big scandal on Thursday’s episode of The Tamron Hall Show — but we all saw Bravo‘s big announcement back in June, so, we’re going to need a better explanation here!

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Hours after the Next Level Basic author’s interview began making the rounds, Kristen started responding to negative comments about it on Instagram, which is where she made her big claim about the network’s decision. She told one user:

“We weren’t fired. They chose not to renew our contracts. That was their decision to make.”

Um, who’s going to tell her that’s basically the same thing as being fired?! It’s semantics, really.

Next, Doute had more to say about the 2018 incident where she and Schroeder called the police to falsely accuse their Black co-star of robbery. Though she previously apologized and said she’s learning from her past mistakes, she now claims “the police were not called.”

She explained:

“There was never a police report, the police never had her name so she was never in harm’s way. I understand me speaking up about this is going to create major backlash but I’m tired of the rumors. Neither [me or Stassi] are racist and have absolutely no hate.”

OK, but what you did was absolutely racist. Or, as Schroeder so eloquently described, you were acting like a straight-up KAREN!

Followers weren’t buying the excuse and called her out on the blatant display of white privilege. In a follow-up comment, Doute said that the call occurred while they were filming the reality show, but the storyline “didn’t air,” adding:

“I called a tip hotline. At the time, I was told by multiple people that it was [Faith] and that she had a history. That I’ve admitted and have publicly and privately apologized. I should have stayed out of it and especially never brought it on social media. I understand that now and I agree with you. I’m very grateful for those who want us to listen, learn and grow.

It doesn’t sound like she’s interested in listening though, just defending herself and screaming back at the void. You can see the exchange in the screengrab (below):

Kristen Doute gets defensive about why she was fired from 'Vanderpump Rules' on Instagram.
(c) Kristen Doute/Instagram

We get that it might be hard for her to navigate this chapter of her life after essentially being canceled, but seemingly trying to deflect or dodge accountability isn’t the best way to move forward from this.

Despite what critics have to say, the starlet’s boyfriend Alex Menache has been there to support her through it all, even stepping up to defend her with the IG spat. He challenged users to see things from his girlfriend’s perspective, writing:

“For those of you who will twist every word Kristen and Stassi say against them, I pose a simple question. Is it possible to 1) admit your faults, grow, change and be an ally AND AT THE SAME TIME 2) correct falsities and explain motive? Or is it simply impossible to do both?”

Again, there’s a way to do both and it’s not like this! But enough of our opinion, what do U think about all of this, Perezcious readers? Who do U think is handling the aftermath of this scandal better, Stassi or Kristen?

Tell us (below) in the comments!

[Image via Fayes Vision/WENN]

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