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Kelly Henderson RIPS INTO Kristin Cavallari In New Interview -- See Why She's 'Still Shocked' By Her Former BFF's Behavior!

kelly henderson received death threats after kristin cavallari divorce

Divorcées Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are clearly able to put aside their irreconcilable differences in certain situations — like Halloween with their kids, as seen in the cute family pic above.

But the same cannot be said for the Laguna Beach alum and her former bestie Kelly Henderson. Their breakup is a lot less amicable!

As you may recall, it wasn’t long after the reality TV personality and the former NFL player announced their divorce that fans began questioning if Kelly had anything to do with it. A storyline on the E! series prior to the stylist’s exit had hinted at rumors of a possible affair, leading many to speculate. While Kelly ultimately denied there was any cheating going on, many believed she fed the rumor mill purposely with some vague social media posts.

But if that’s true, she really did herself dirty in the end!

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In Sunday’s new episode of Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Henderson explained the insane death threats she received from fans after Cavallari and Cutler called it quits:

“Oh my God, I got tons of hate. And you know, it got, when they announced their divorce, it got, because that had been put in their minds on the show like in people’s minds on the show, even if you’ve watched the show closely, Kristin says, I know there was no truth to these rumors. And so like she says that, but because it’s just like, sort of in the back of people’s minds, when they announced their divorce, I think it was the easiest thing to go to. So, I mean, I was getting hit up by every tabloid, you know, it’s like running on Good Morning America that I’m a f**king homewrecker, as I’m sitting next to my boyfriend and his two kids trying to like quarantine and live life. It was devastating to me. It was awful. And the hate that I got on Instagram…”

Woah!! We might have underestimated just how aggressive fans would get about this split.

Granted, it didn’t help Kelly’s case that she posted an Instagram photo showing a man’s arm which many believed was Jay’s (Kelly later clarified it was her longtime boyfriend). Regardless, the “bulls**t” was emotionally draining, as she explained:

“People kept saying, why aren’t you speaking about this? And like, I just couldn’t, it was the truth. I mean, I literally was having to focus on like getting through my days is, and like I was getting death threats. Like I was not trying to draw more attention to the situation than needed. And so I don’t know. Now I think I feel more like at ease, emotionally to talk about it, but, and I actually wish that I didn’t have to, but like it keeps being talked about. So I’m kinda like, yeah, I have to f**king call bulls**t here. Like this is not okay. And like, I can’t just keep going about my life being trashed for something I did not do. And that is not true.”

We’ll never know if she originally intended to fuel rumors — but we certainly don’t believe she was happy with the results.

As you may recall, the falling out between the former bestiez took place before Kristin and Jay separated — long before the fan mayhem. But now Kelly has a wild theory about the whole thing: she has a hunch it might have all been for the cameras!

Whoa, whut??

Yep! She claims K-Cav ultimately ended things via email, but that it was not accurately “portrayed” on the series:

“I kept saying, ‘Can we sit down’ or you know, finally I said, ‘OK, fine we’ll get on the phone.’ But like, there was, it felt like from her side, she just wanted to text and email and I feel like stuff gets lost in translation that way. And to me, I’m like an eight year friendship is way bigger than a f**king email. … Let’s figure out what’s going on here. And like, ‘If I’ve hurt you in some way, let me fix it. I’m so sorry. That was never my intention.’ And I said all of these things, but again, that was not how it was portrayed on the show.”

She did get the villain edit, it’s true — but was K-Cav behind that?? Kelly thinks so.

Even now, more than 10 months later, the Velvet’s Edge podcast host is STILL hurt about it all:

“I was completely shocked. Completely. And then honestly, can I tell you the truth? I still am. I still don’t understand. Like, I’m still shocked. I’m still shocked by some of the press stuff that I see her saying, like the whole thing it’s just shocking to me. I don’t understand it.”

It takes a long time to heal wounds of this kind, especially after so many years of friendship, but we hope Kelly is on a better path today.

Unfortunately that path better not cross with Kristin’s! Asked what she would say to her former friend today, Kelly admitted:

“I have nothing to say. Someone asked me that the other day and like, I don’t really know how, because I don’t trust her at this point.”


“If we could have a conversation and talk through what happened and why. And I had some better understanding, I don’t know. I mean, I actually don’t want to live in a place of being angry. I’m still pretty angry. And I think, you know, there’s been some interviews that she’s done lately. That have just been really frustrating to me. I didn’t even know about them, but people tell me that when I do stuff like this. And so yeah, I had heard some stuff and I’m just like, why I’m like, just leave me alone at this point.”

Listen to more from Kelly and David HERE, and let us know your thoughts (below) in the comments!

[Image via Kristin Cavallari/Kelly Henderson/Instagram.]

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