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KUWTK Fans Are Shocked By Kylie Jenner's Appearance In Final Season Trailer!

Fans say Kylie Jenner looks very different after appearing in the KUWTK final season trailer!

Kylie Jenner‘s (very brief) appearance in the trailer for the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is definitely turning some heads online… and not necessarily in a good way!

The video first dropped on Thursday, and while it definitely tugs the heartstrings as the KarJenner clan prepares to leave cable TV once and for all in 2021, there’s also the youngest of ’em all to talk about!

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Quite a bit of the trailer is vintage footage — clips from when the kids were younger, throwback scenes to earlier KUWTK days when times seemed to be more innocent — and so there’s really only about a two-second clip of Kylie in the present-day that pops up on the video.

But as you can see (below, right at the 40-second mark), it’s so memorable if only because she definitely looks different in it:

Whoa! It was a quick scene — did you catch it?! (It’s also the pic we shared up top, in case you were wondering!)

But like… she certainly looks a little different, uhh, maybe? She’s definitely changed her style over the years from when she was a youngster, and then a teenager!! (Then again, who hasn’t changed over the last ten years or so, ya know?)

Anyway, viewers were seriously pressed when it came time to take in Kylie, and they didn’t hesitate to react! Here are a few of the most notable ones (below), with many calling out the star for going under the knife:

“Kylie Jenner needed no plastic surgery at all wtf has she done to herself.”

“Kylie Jenner looks different every time i see her tbh.”

“Kim is the spitting image of Kylie. Is that a face you can order?”

“It’s amazing that she already looks like a skin stretched over a much smaller skull.”

“often when people get plastic surgery young they look way older. Like Kylie Jenner looks in her late 30s”

“Kylie Jenner has had way too much plastic surgery. She looked better before it”

“I wonder what Kylie Jenner would look like without plastic surgery in 2021”

“Kylie Jenner needs to cool it with the plastic surgery.. like just work out if you really want that jaw line”

“Kylie jenner has created a false image for young women. She’s got plastic surgery all over her body and face and then you got girls working their butts off to look like that, what a shame.”

Big yikes!!! Clearly there are a LOT of opinions out there about Kylie… but what do y’all think??

Are you entertaining the notion that she looks super different in this trailer relative to some of her other recent pics?!

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via KUWTK/YouTube]

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