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Lala Kent Reveals She's Getting A Boob Job This Week -- And Explains Exactly WHY!

Lala Kent Boob Job

Lala Kent has never exactly been shy. But we’re particularly impressed with her frank discussion of plastic surgery — especially when so many other “reality” stars try so hard to hide it.

On Monday’s new episode of the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast she spilled to host David Yontef that she is ready for a big one. The Vanderpump Rules star was promoting the paperback release of her book Give Them Lala and revealed she was going to mark the occasion with a very special reminder. Well, two, actually. She announced:

“I want to celebrate. I’m going into surgery to have my boobies done on Friday.”

LOLz! Her idea of a celebration and ours definitely differ a bit…

But you know what? Gurl should do whatever makes her feel good! She’s been working so hard — after all, she never expected to be a single mom! And after what ex-fiancé and baby daddy Randall Emmett did to her (allegedly) she deserves to feel like the belle of the ball again.

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And that’s exactly the plan, it sounds like! She told David after the recovery she’s going to be getting ALL the attention:

“I’ll be down for a little bit, but the second that I’m up and at ’em, I will be taking my new boobs out to celebrate my national bestseller book.”

Ha! Amazing!

BTW, in case you’re wondering what the heck the 31-year-old is even going to do to her boobs — which are, rather famously, fantastic — she explained what she’s getting done.

It seems getting pregnant didn’t just give her the gift of her beautiful daughter Ocean, who just turned one year old last month. She also got a brief glimpse of what it was like to have fuller, rounder breasts (something she also shared with the world in an Instagram pic at the time)!

Clearly she liked what she saw because that’s what she’s aiming for with the augmentation:

“I’ve wanted them redone for a while, and then when I was pregnant, oh my gosh, they were so huge and amazing! Other moms told me, ‘That baby’s gonna suck the life outta them.'”

Has she? Well, not exactly. She still admits they’re “cute” — but post-birth they “sit a little differently,” and she’s going to get that adjusted. Plus a little extra:

“I’m just ready to get them up there, maybe a little bigger. I’m gonna get my groove back.”

Heck yeah you are!

Lala actually mentioned her desire to get a boob job months ago on her own podcast. She said at the time:

“It may sound like I’m getting my boobs done for men, but it’s getting my boobs done for me… They were massive, and I loved them.”

No better reason than love, right?? Here’s wishing Lala a quick recovery and boobs that she’s perfectly happy to show off!

See the convo (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Lala Kent/Instagram.]

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