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Larsa Pippen Gives 15-Year-Old Daughter HOW MUCH A Month In Allowance?!

Larsa Pippen Gives Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Sophia HOW MUCH A Month In Allowance?!

What was your monthly allowance growing up? $5? $20? $100?? We bet it was nowhere near as much as Larsa Pippen gives her 15-year-old daughter!

During The Real Housewives of Miami reunion on Thursday, the 49-year-old momma revealed Sophia Pippen gets a whopping $2,500 each month! Crazy, right?! The amount no doubt had viewers’ jaws on the floor. We mean, $2,500! She can’t even drive yet, and she’s getting more than most people pay in rent!

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But Larsa was quick to defend how much her daughter receives! Her reasoning behind $2,500 a month? She argued that Los Angeles — where Sophie currently lives with her father Scottie Pippen — is a pricy place to live:

“You guys understand, like, LA is super expensive. So, like, after school, she orders food or Uber or, like, you know, buys presents for her friends’ birthdays.”

She has a point, El Lay is extremely expensive — but let’s be real, we’re not talking exponentially more expensive than anywhere else in the USA. LA has the same fast food, the same darn near everything. Movie tickets are $20 instead of $10. It’s not like they’re TWO HUNDRED BUCKS or something! So $2,500 a month?! Really?? How is she ever going to learn to budget — isn’t that the point of an allowance??

What’s more, Sophia isn’t solely relying on her allowance! Larsa noted the teenager “makes money” on her own through deals with fashion brands. At least she’s earning her own cash at the same time, which is great. But then why is she even getting an allowance? She certainly isn’t learning any lessons or getting a realistic look at how much things cost… right?

Some of Larsa’s cast members came to the Traitors star’s defense, including Kiki Barth. She shared that she gives her son a $300 monthly allowance. Um, that isn’t really helping Larsa’s case, Kiki. That’s the kind of amount someone could argue makes sense in a “super expensive” town. Larsa gives her girl nearly TEN TIMES that much.

Adriana de Moura then chimed in to say that although Larsa “can have many faults,” she is “a good mom” to her kids. She definitely is generous, we’ll give her that! Especially when it comes to handing over the cash to her daughter! LOLz!

What do YOU think about how much Larsa gives in allowance, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Larsa Pippen/Instagram, Bravo/YouTube]

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