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Lili Reinhart Reveals Why She Waited Until AFTER Her Cole Sprouse Breakup To Come Out As Bisexual!

Lili Reinhart explains why she didn't come out until after her breakup with Cole Sprouse.

Lili Reinhart is sharing more about her coming out story months after revealing to the world that she is a “proud bisexual woman.”

The Riverdale star joined host Jeffrey Masters on Tuesday’s episode of the LGBTQ&A podcast where she explained why it was important for her to wait until after her recent breakup with longtime boyfriend Cole Sprouse before sharing her sexuality with the public.

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The 24-year-old cited how the industry has reacted to other women in relationships who are candid about their attraction to men and women, while defending why she chose to let fans process the big breakup before sharing her truth:

“I think that’s why I didn’t come out as bisexual until I was not in a relationship anymore. Because it’s easy for people to question, ‘Oh, but you’re with a man that’s straight.’ It’s like, well, Anna Paquin is married to a man, but she is bisexual.”

It wasn’t just about how people would treat her, though, she carefully considered easing into this public new chapter while still trying to maintain respect for Cole. She continued:

“I didn’t want to put my ex in a position, it seems like it would have been a little strange to come out when I was in a hetero relationship. It just seemed, I don’t know, maybe a little bit like I was looking for something else while I was in the relationship. So, I didn’t really think about coming out until after I was not in a relationship anymore. It just felt more organic that way.”

As we reported, the world learned about the end of Reinhart and Sprouse’s three-year-long relationship back in May, though the Jughead Jones portrayer later clarified they privately chose to separate in January and made it permanent by March. He also lovingly spoke of their time together, so, it might be safe to say she’s got his support on this!

The Hustlers star went on to share that although her inner circle was not surprised by her news, she was still afraid of coming out because she didn’t want people to think she was doing it for attention:

“I was afraid of coming out. I didn’t want people to tell me that I was lying to get attention or something. And so I just kept my mouth shut. Also I’ve told people in the past and they’ve told me, ‘Oh, it’s a phase.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, great, thanks.’ So that’s discouraging, obviously.”

However, according to her, “everyone” is bisexual, so, it really shouldn’t be a big deal:

“I tried to do it as nonchalantly as possible. I guess, coming out is not a nonchalant thing. It just didn’t seem like a big deal to me. And it also, the way I look at the world right now, I’m like, ‘Isn’t everyone bisexual?’ Is this … so I didn’t really feel like this was any breaking news by any means. And so to get the attention that I got was surprising to me.”

Despite her attempt at downplaying the big reveal, fans really were surprised to learn the truth about her sexuality, and no offense but we highly doubt it’s because they might swing both ways like she does!

Never mind the fact that she only played straight characters with no inkling for us to think otherwise, consider the timing of her announcement which came just months after the breakup with Cole. She said it herself up top — timing really is everything.

But now, with that romance in the rearview, Lili said she’s been enjoying a new kind of attention from ladies sliding into her DMs!

“I did have a couple of ladies sliding into my DMs which I thought was funny, but also flattering. Yeah. It was interesting to see the difference in my DMs after I came out, which was a nice little surprise…And also just like, I hate to say it, more quality human beings. People who genuinely are coming because they’re saying, ‘Oh, thank you for doing that.’ Or ‘I really appreciate you doing that,’ rather than some random person saying like, ‘Hey, wanna f**k?’ It just was more, I hate to say it, but just more quality messages, people genuinely who cared.”

Heard that, eligible bachelorettes out there? Keep it classy but still shoot your shot if you’re feeling lucky because those messages aren’t going unnoticed! You can listen to the full interview with Reinhart on Apple Podcasts (HERE).

Perezcious readers, reactions to everything Lili shared with us here? Is there any woman in Hollywood you’d like to see her paired up with next?

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