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Lily Allen Hooked Up With BFF Miquita Oliver's Celebrity Crush! On Purpose!

Lily Allen Hooked Up With BFF Miquita Oliver's Celebrity Crush! On Purpose!

Lily Allen broke BFF code AND girl code all in one fell swoop!

During Monday’s episode of her and childhood bestie Miquita Oliver’s Miss Me? podcast, the latter took a minute to bring up a story she clearly still has THOUGHTS on! A time when the F**k You singer “sabotaged” her!! Miquita recalled:

“I’d like to tell a story about when Lily Allen sabotaged me. There was a pop star in the early noughties. He fancied me, I found out he fancied me. I told Lily that I liked him and she was like, ‘Well, actually I like him.’ And I was like, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter because he actually likes me.’”

Oof… A classic situation where friends could EASILY turn into enemies. And before Miquita could make her move, Lily got the jump on him! The 40-year-old explained:

“Cue Lily, gets herself to a festival in Japan and seduced him. Seduced him! With her wily ways! And then called me the next day, and then said, ‘I need to tell you, I slept with [the pop star].’”

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Oh, boy… That’s MESSED up! But at least the Smile singer offered her friend full transparency, right?? Miquita added:

“And I was like — I have never been that angry with you in my entire life. Did you think that you were sabotaging me in that act? Or were you just getting yours?”

The 39-year-old responded:

“I fancied him, so I was getting mine.”

But she DID enter a caveat into discussion… The mom of two noted:

“By the way, I think pop stars are fair game. Like, I don’t care.”

Miquita, clearly believing that to be more truthful, responded:

“Now that’s the real answer! That’s the f**king real answer! If I didn’t hate you so much for it I would applaud you. It was admirable.”


Lily laughed while noting she “flew to Japan to lock that one in,” which Miquita called “ruthless.”

And apparently, the two “did not speak for about six months” after the betrayal, but they ultimately were able to put things behind them. Sisters before misters, right?!?! Watch the clip (below):

We wonder who the mystery pop singer was!

What would YOU have done in this situation, Perezcious readers?? Would YOU be able to forgive Lily?? Would you do that to your BFF?! Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via BBC Sounds/YouTube]

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