Lindsay Set To Get A Good Probation Report!

LiLo Good Report

Next week is looking like a good week for Linsday Lohan, because she’s expected to get a very positive probation report!

She’s been doing her community service, her therapy, and seems really focused!

About time!

Here’s what’s being said:

“Lindsay is on track and doing very well in fulfilling all terms of her probation, and completing her service at the morgue, and her therapy. She is focused, and committed to putting this part of her life behind her. Lindsay is counting down the days until she is off formal probation. She is trying to get the community service done ahead of time. She knows the sooner she gets the work done then she will be a free woman. She just wants to get back to work in front of the camera.”

So good to hear!

After next week she will have 17 days of community service and four more therapy sessions to complete before March 29.


Keep it up, Linds!

[Image via WENN.]

Feb 19, 2012 4:20pm PDT

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