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Lizzo Shows Off New Body-Accentuating Leggings -- & Fans Think She Slimmed Down! Look!

Lizzo Shows Off New Booty-Accentuating Leggings -- & Fans Think She Slimmed Down! Look!

Lizzo is looking fab for the new year!

The Good As Hell singer kicked off 2024 with a toned-down look — and she says it’s because of her fashion line, Yitty! While modeling different activewear pieces, the 35-year-old confidently preached to her followers:

“New year, new me. You know how they say run, don’t walk? Teleport, bitch!”

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The video then showed her and a helper struggling to get her in the top before she commended the fabric’s “technology,” letting her followers know it “snatches and lifts.” She said:

“The booty is lifted — booty to the sky!”

But in the comments, fans pointed out that it looks like her toned figure was not only because of the activewear, but also because she potentially shed a few pounds:

“We see u shedding pounds love. Even tho u were beautiful before.

“Lizzo you are slimming down queen!!!! aight let me get into the gym”

“knew you were losing weight yessss you look great!!”

Others, however, joked how something that looks so hard to get into may not be worth the purchase:

“I can’t put on anything I gotta wrestle to get into and then I’m out of breath. It’s cute tho”

“That’s not good advertising if you say it’s difficult to put on”

“I don’t want nothing this hard to get into

The Truth Hurts songstress added in her video:

“Baby boo, it looks like we went to the gym, but we didn’t go to the gym. Yes, we’re putting ourselves first, you guys.”

See for yourself (below):

Whether she shed lbs or not, she sounds confident as ever and that’s all that matters!

Thoughts?? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Lizzo/Instagram]

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