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Lizzo NOT Quitting Music Amid Lawsuit Drama -- But She IS Quitting THIS!

Lizzo NOT Quitting Music Amid Lawsuit Drama

Lizzo… girl…

Earlier this week, the pop star released a heated statement condemning all her haters for constantly dragging her down. She’s always had body-shamers piling on her, but recently she’s been in the hot seat ever since several dancers sued her for allegedly fostering a toxic workplace. So, the hate wasn’t coming from nowhere! Still, she was over it, declaring generally, “I quit.”

Obviously, a statement like that from a once super successful artist is shocking! And nobody was sure what to think at first since the wording was a bit unclear, but many believed this was the singer sending in her formal resignation from the music scene.

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Not so fast, though. The About Damn Time artist returned to Instagram on Tuesday with a video message to her followers, clarifying:

“When I say I quit, I mean I quit giving any negative energy attention. What I’m not gonna quit is the joy of my life, which is making music, which is connecting to people. Because I know I’m not alone. In no way, shape, or form am I the only person who is experiencing that negative voice that seems to be louder than the positive. If I can just give one person the inspiration or motivation to stand up for themselves and say they quit letting negative people win, negative comments win, then I’ve done even more than I could’ve hoped for.”

Inneresting how she continues to frame this all as just ordinary online bullying rather than taking accountability for why her fans have suddenly turned on her in the first place! As Perezcious readers know, several of her former dancers have accused the musician of sexual harassment, weight shaming, and much more — which is terrible considering she was once such a big advocate for things like body positivity! And yet she continues to ignore this narrative!

Instead, it looks like she’s just trying to move past the drama and continue on with the supporters she still has left — and it seems to be working to a degree. Promising the world hasn’t heard the last of her, she concluded:

“With that being said, I’m going to keep moving forward. I’m going to keep being me. Once again, I just want to say thank you. The love that I’ve received… means more than you know.”

Loads of fans were thrilled to know she’s not done making music — regardless of the legal mess, so that’s a win for Lizzo! Ch-ch-check out the full update (below):

This clarification comes after her ex-dancers’ lawyer Ron Zambrano released a scathing response to her initially quitting comments, telling Billboard on Monday:

“It’s a joke that Lizzo would say she is being bullied by the internet when she should instead be taking an honest look at herself. Her latest post is just another outburst seeking attention and trying to deflect from her own failings as she continues to blame everyone else for the predicament she is in. Lizzo’s legal and public relations strategy is a failure, so she is desperately trying to play the victim. She has thrown these childish tantrums before. No one actually believes she is quitting music. But she should quit sexually harassing, shaming and bullying her employees and finally accept responsibility for her actions.”

The clap back continued:

“She can make all of this go away simply by seizing the opportunity here to set an example, own up to her mistakes, pay what’s due to those she’s wronged and work on becoming a better person. Celebrity toxicity is poisoning the entertainment industry with Diddy and Dan Schneider being the latest examples, and Lizzo’s conduct will not be tolerated, either. There is no more safe place in society for this sort of behavior as the entire industry is in for a reckoning for permitting such vile treatment of employees in the workplace.”

Yeesh!! Those comparisons are terrible! But Lizzo’s lawyer Stefan Friedman argued:

“With nearly half his case dismissed, 18 independent witnesses siding with Lizzo and no settlement on the way to get him his tasty contingency fee, Ron has started making wild personal attacks that have absolutely nothing to do with the clients who he is supposedly representing. We would humbly recommend that Ron start representing his clients and stop representing just himself.”

Damn, this is getting messy AF! Was she ever really quitting anything?? Or did she just want confirmation that she had enough fans who still wanted her around?? Reactions? Are you glad she’s not done with music? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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