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Lizzo's Ex-Documentary Director Says She Quit After 2 Weeks Because Of Severe Mistreatment & 'Disrespect'!! DETAILS!

Lizzo's Ex-Documentary Director Comes Forward & Backs Lawsuit Claims Based On Her Experiences, Too!

UPDATE 5:00 P.M. PST: Filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison has more to say about those shocking lawsuit allegations against Lizzo! Hours after sharing she exited her role as a director after only two weeks working on the Love, Lizzo documentary, she took to Instagram Stories to go off about her experience with the singer again. She wrote:

“Since I’ve spoken out, I’ve had others privately share their very similar experiences, and I have also been affirmed by people who witnessed what I went through. Lizzo creates an extremely toxic and hostile working environment and undermines the work, labor and authority of other Black and brown womxn in the process. (Notice how the documentary ended up being directed by a cis white man.)”

Sophia then called Lizzo a “narcissistic bully” who “built her brand off lies,” adding:

“I was excited to support and protect a Black woman through the documentary process but quickly learned her image and ‘message’ was a curated facade. I stand with the dancers and anyone who has had similar experiences working with her and her team. These working conditions are not ok.”

Lizzo's Former Creative Director AGREES With Bombshell Lawsuit Claims! Whoa!
(c) Sophia Nahli Allison/Instagram


The Truth Hurts singer is finding out that the truths of her former employees are hurting more than anything else right now…

Lizzo has been under fire in recent days after a shocking new lawsuit was filed on Tuesday against her. Along with her dance captain and her touring company, the 35-year-old singer has been accused of sexual harassment, fostering a hostile workplace environment, and several other things. The jaw-dropping court claims were made by three former dancers: Arianna DavisCrystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez.

In the hours since that filing was first unearthed by NBC News on Tuesday morning, the s**t has continued to hit the fan for the About Damn Time singer. Yes, there’s even more here.

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First, as we reported early on Wednesday morning, another one of Lizzo’s ex-dancers and her former creative director came forward with their public support for the plaintiffs in the bombshell lawsuit. Both of those ex-Lizzo employees also intimated that they’d experienced similar treatment at the hands of the pop star while working with her, too.

And now, a woman who was hired to film a documentary on Lizzo back in 2019 is speaking out, as well. On Tuesday afternoon, filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison took to her Instagram Stories to blast the Minneapolis-based pop star with her own new allegations.

According to Allison, she was brought on four years ago to shoot a documentary on the singer. However, things got sot bad — and apparently devolved so quickly — that the talented filmmaker left the project after just two weeks on the job.

Writing about the experience on her IG Stories, Allison shared this eye-popping claim atop a picture of what appeared to be her filming Lizzo on stage at a show:

“I usually do not comment on anything pop culture related. But, In 2019, I traveled a bit with Lizzo to be the director of her documentary. I walked away after about 2 weeks. I was treated with such disrespect by her.”

Allison continued:

“I witnessed how arrogant, self-centered, and unkind she is. I was not protected and was thrown into a s**tty situation with little support. My spirit said to run as fast as you f**king can and l’m so grateful I trusted my gut. I felt gaslit and was deeply hurt, but l’ve healed.”

Then, the filmmaker concluded things just like Lizzo’s ex-creative director did in her previous post on the situation — by showing support to the dancers who filed this week’s lawsuit:

“Reading these reports made me realize how dangerous of a situation it was. This kind of abuse of power happens far too often. Much love and support to the dancers.”


And as if that’s not enough, a woman named Charlene Sánchez — who Allison claimed was her assistant cinematographer on the short-lived Lizzo doc — responded to the filmmaker’s powerful message later on Tuesday evening, too!

Sánchez wrote this (below), which Allison then re-shared late on Tuesday night:

“I was part of this documentary with @yagurlsophia! This is all true. I had to vent to so many of my friends about it. It was such a small crew and the experience of working with Lizzo was a nightmare.”

Lizzo's Ex-Documentary Director Comes Forward & Backs Lawsuit Claims Based On Her Experiences, Too!
“Lizzo was a nightmare,” Sánchez added. Damn! / (c) Charlene Sánchez/Instagram


It’s not clear what documentary Allison had been working on with Lizzo prior to leaving in such short order. However, in 2022, HBO Max released their doc on the pop star called Love, Lizzo. That film was directed by Doug Pray; it’s unknown whether it was the same project Allison was originally on before leaving, or if she had been working on a separate job.

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Regardless, it would seem as though the hits just keep coming for Lizzo with even more cryptic claims coming in against her. And still no public word from her in response. Are y’all surprised by that?! We are, TBH!

Sound OFF with your take on everything down in the comments (below), y’all…

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