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Love Is Blind Stars Alexa & Brennon Lemieux Pregnant With First Child!

Love Is Blind's Alexa & Brennon Lemieux Pregnant With First Child!

The Love Is Blind family is expanding!

Season 3 stars Alexa and Brennon Lemieux are expecting their first child together! Yay!! The couple revealed the exciting news in a chat with People on Friday, in which they said they discovered the pregnancy news in November after a really long time of trying. The 29-year-old mom-to-be gushed:

“We wanted this to happen and so we’re just grateful to be here. It’s been such a big part of my life [and] I’m the worst secret keeper … so I’m ready for it to be out there!”

Aw! So exciting!

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She went on:

“I just love looking in the mirror, because I remember not being pregnant and looking in the mirror and [thinking], ‘Oh, I just can’t wait for something to be there.’ Now there is, and I’m like, I love it! I just lay my hands on my stomach and just rub it all the time. I’m obsessed.”

Her 33-year-old husband is equally pumped to be a father, as he chimed in:

“Everybody always says the same thing … which is when you least expect something to happen, it will happen. That was the case meeting each other. I had stopped dating, seeing people. She had stopped, and we just met on a show so it was by happenstance. And the same thing with this, which is you don’t really expect anything to happen and it happened. So it’s always good.”

As mentioned, the pair struggled to get pregnant and had even started to give up hope before it finally happened. Alexa revealed they’d “been trying for almost a year and a half”– she even “went through some fertility treatments and nothing worked.” Naturally, she began to get “really nervous that maybe we’re never going to be able to have kids,” she explained:

“For me personally, and this isn’t how I view women, but I was put on this earth to be a mom. Since I was a child, [I would be asked], ‘What do you want to be when you’re older?’ And people are like, I want to be a princess or an astronaut or whatever it is. I was like, ‘I want to be a mom.’ That’s all I ever wanted to be.”

The reality star continued:

“And so, it was just a very down time for me. I was really going through it because I’m like I can’t do the one thing that I feel like I was put on this earth to do. And for me, it strips you of your womanhood. That’s what it felt like. And feeling like I was broken.”

Oh, no! As she was “going through all those emotions,” she even asked her hubby once, “Did you wish you married someone different that could have given you a child?” He, of course, had no regrets:

“He’s like, ‘Alexa, what’s going to happen is going to happen. I love you no matter what.’ … it’s a lot. It’s a lot to process and a lot to go through.”

They were about to book another IVF appointment when, to their surprise, they conceived naturally. Alexa recalled:

“I stopped drinking, cut out caffeine. Was doing all the warming foods and acupuncture twice a week. I was doing everything I could. Then come November, I was like, it’s the holidays and I just want to give it a break. I’m so sick of it. It’s constant and I have to constantly think about this… And it worked.”

She added:

“When I found out, I definitely didn’t think even a little bit that I was [pregnant]. I took some [tests] and it was positive and I just kept telling him when it came back positive, I was like, ‘My body works, my body works!'”

So sweet! Brennon, on the other hand, was a little skeptical because the test had a “very, very faint line” and he was trying to remain “levelheaded” in case it the test wasn’t accurate. But it was actually her sixth test! Still, he wanted to “get an official opinion to actually confirm” the news since it’d been “a long journey” with “so many emotions.” Understandable! And the good thing is it was all true!

Right after the happy news, the Netflix personality found herself struggling with all kinds of first-trimester symptoms, she shared:

“The first six weeks, I was exhausted, I mean, sleeping probably 20 hours a day. I also got pneumonia during it. Between pneumonia and being sick and pregnancy sickness, it was a lot.”

She was also experiencing “nausea all the time and a lot of heartburn” — which was probably only made worse since she was craving spicy Mexican food. Hah! Now, she’s looking forward to her second trimester and taking everything “day by day.” But expect to see her flaunt the baby bump on socials! She’s excited to “wear all of the form-fitting things and show [the bump] off, and get to play with new styles.” Fun! Reflecting on the journey so far, she mused:

“Each week was just a milestone and I feel like I was just checking a box. Okay. I made it this much further … And was getting sonograms constantly. Having everything that I’m experiencing, I feel like I’m so grateful to be pregnant. Even when I’m throwing up, I’m like, ‘I wanted this. This is amazing. I’m so happy to be here.’ I just kind of roll with the punches. And I think it’s because it’s just been such a long journey to get here that I’m so appreciative of having symptoms and going through it.”

As for her changing body? She’s totally down for it:

“[Even] my body changing, I feel like this is what I’m here for. Destroy my body. Do whatever you have to do to do … I know so many women that are like, ‘Oh, I get stretch marks, and I don’t want to see me gaining weight.’ And I’m just like, ‘Do it. I’m so blessed.’ Being on the other side of it, it’s quite a journey. And I send baby dust to everyone that’s still on their journey, and pray that everyone gets their baby.”

While the couple knows the sex of their child, they’re keeping it a secret for now — until they share it with family next week. In the meantime, they’re looking forward to starting a new life with their little one — which will include “rip sticks,” “new skateboards,” and “kid rodeos,” if Brennon has anything to do with it. Alexa concluded:

“I’m so excited to see who they’ll look like, to see a combination of us, I think that will be so interesting. And I’m excited to see family and friends. I feel like a marriage is one thing … But once you have something that’s physically a combination of your love, it’s just such a fun thing. And to see everyone interact with our child will be super exciting. […] I feel like it’s just the next chapter for us. It was good timing. We’re looking for a house right now, and so it’s also very different looking at everything now, like where the nursery will be, and the backyard”

Brennon added:

“Every day is another rollercoaster. Because you’re trying to plan stuff for the future. And now I just think that [I’m] looking at plans differently. Not daily plans, but future plans differently.”

And if their baby — who is due in the summer — ever asks how mommy and daddy met they’re 100% ready to throw on their season of LIB! Cute! What an exciting new chapter for this couple! Wishing them nothing but the best for the rest of the pregnancy!

[Image via Netflix]

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