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Controversial Love Is Blind Couple Jimmy & Chelsea Did Get Back Together -- But Only For 4 DAYS!

Controversial Love Is Blind Couple Jimmy & Chelsea Did Get Back Together -- But Only For 4 DAYS!

Turns out Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell DID give their relationship a second chance — but it didn’t last long!

On Wednesday, before the Love is Blind Season 6 reunion dropped, Chelsea told Us Weekly she and her former fiancé got back together after filming wrapped, but their problems were hard to get over. So hard in fact they were only together for FOUR MORE DAYS! She explained:

“We tried to date for four days after filming was done. It was very short-lived.”

Wow! There’s short-lived then there’s this! They couldn’t even have watched two episodes of The Traitors together! LOLz!

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As viewers saw, one of the biggest reasons Jimmy called off their engagement was because he lost trust in the flight attendant. She brought up on the show certain details about his past romantic history with a friend — something he’d shared in confidence off-camera. Because the cameras would no longer be involved, Chelsea was hopeful they could make things work the second time around. She shared:

“He called me one day and nothing really changed in that little time period, and I thought maybe it would’ve because the cameras weren’t involved, maybe we really could make this work. Our connection was so strong and I gave it a chance and he called me four days later and said, ‘This experiment made me realize I don’t want a relationship.’”

Clearly irritated with his flip-flopping, she added:

“And I’m like, ‘Sir, you do realize we were going to get married?’ He was honest and his feelings were valid.”

Meanwhile, Jimmy says he “wanted to have a relationship” with Chelsea and confirmed they “tried for a bit, but just nothing really came of it.” He recalled spending time with her “every single day” after production wrapped:

“[We] sort of got right back into it, zero to 100 once again and we had fun during that time.”

Unfortunately, he realized he had some “skeletons in [his] closet” that made it impossible to move forward — and he wasn’t over his trust issues! He dished:

“She broke a level of my trust. She wanted me to sort of validate how she felt about it, and I will validate how you feel about it a hundred percent of the time, but let’s validate … not on camera. And so we were sort just having that same argument over and over again, and we both just kind came to an agreement that it wasn’t going to work.”

But, remember, this was all in March 2023! But THIS March, right after filming the reunion, the former couple was spotted hanging out together in Florida, sparking reconciliation rumors. While they didn’t address any of this during the reunion, Chelsea told Entertainment Weekly they’re now friends  00 but just friends. She says they only just recently started “leaning on each other” to get through the “very intense” time in the spotlight:

“We didn’t talk for months and months and months and months. This is very new where we realized for both of our mental health we needed to rekindle and lean on each other. We’re the only people in the world who understand our story.”

But she insisted she’s definitely a “single lady” at the moment. All that reconciliation hope was for nothing, we guess! What do YOU think? Share your predictions for these two (below)!

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