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Love Is Blind's Trevor Responds To Off-Screen Girlfriend Claim During Heated Reunion -- And It's Cringey AF!!

Love Is Blind's Trevor Responds to Off-Screen Girlfriend Claim During Reunion

Trevor Sova was put in the hot seat — and he got ROASTED!

The controversial Love is Blind star showed up to the sixth season reunion on Wednesday night. There, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey drilled him about allegations that he had an off-screen girlfriend while participating in the Netflix show.

ICYMI, Trevor started as a fan-favorite until a woman named Natalia Marrero accused him of being in a secret relationship with her while he was in the pods. She even released damming text messages allegedly written by him in which he talked about how much he loved her. And he even admitted to having to lie about his feelings to make it through the experiment!! Also? Right after getting kicked off the show, he said he wanted to “marry” the girl! Suuuuuper shady!

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After showing the receipts during the reunion, the hosts asked the reality star to explain himself. And he froze! Completely flustered, the bodybuilder said he “had a whole thing planned to say” but seemingly went off book, sharing:

“I’ll start by saying that I was not dating her, ‘dating her’ technically. I never said, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ before the show started, but… obviously, we were close.”

Uhhh… Dude. Seriously?? He continued:

“She was the typical girl I’d go for in real life. I told her before [that] I want to go on this to try and experiment with something else. There’s no justifying that — that sounds f**king horrible what I just said. That is horrible. But I wanted to do this. I wanted to meet somebody that I wouldn’t go for in real life.”

Insisting that he “went in with the mindset of ‘I will find someone, I wanna try it,'” Trevor claimed that he was looking to “experience something I wouldn’t in normal life.” And he said he was prepared to get married (even though he was stringing someone else along)! But then the 98 Degrees member called him out on his BS by pointing out that he was contradicting himself by saying they weren’t “close” or formally dating despite the fact he was ready to marry his side piece. His response?

“I did care about her… Her and I were so f**ing toxic.”

Understanding how absurd it sounded, the TV personality added:

“I’m toxic as well, I admit that. I need a lot of therapy. I know I f**king need to change. I don’t know what you want me to say.”

Trevor’s strongest connection in the pods was Chelsea Blackwell, and she came SUPER close to getting engaged to him. So, at that point, she chimed in:

“I’m definitely not here to grill you by any means. It didn’t work out for us. I had this intuition of why I didn’t pick you and I couldn’t explain it but now I can.”

That said, she was frustrated with the thought of what would have happened if they had agreed to get married only to arrive home and have this other girl “lingering around.” But Trevor argued that he would’ve called that relationship off immediately. He also stood up for himself, saying he was fully invested in the experiment, explaining:

“I told [Natalia] that upfront, I was like, ‘You and I are toxic together. If I meet someone in here that I’m staying with someone like that’s why you were gonna marry her.’ And when I left, I was a f**king emotional wreck.”

As for whether or not he just came on the show to gain fame, he wasn’t motivated by improving his career. So he says, at least. He shared:

“I didn’t care about leaving the show. … I did come here for good and bad reasons. I can’t take back that I went on the show. I’m glad I went on the show because it taught me a lot about myself.”

Hmmm. Not entirely convincing! And it’s worse when you watch it live! See part of the heated reunion (below)!

Oof! Why was he smiling so much?! Does he even believe what he’s saying?? We’re getting second-hand embarrassment just watching him trying to talk himself out of the mess he made!

What about you? Do you think this was an acceptable apology? Let us know your hot takes (below)!

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