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Love Is Blind's Jackie Claims She Was BANNED From Reunion -- & Doubles Down On 'Transphobic Slur' Accusations Against Marshall!

Love Is Blind’s Jackie Doubles Down, Claims Marshall Called Her A 'Transphobic Slur’ And That She Was BANNED From Attending Reunion!

So, this is why Jackie Bonds didn’t show up for the Love Is Blind reunion?!

After Sunday night’s disastrous season 4 live reunion, the reality starlet is defending herself and her boyfriend Josh Demas from haters who were upset they didn’t attend the reunion in person like everyone else. Instead, the couple appeared in a brief pre-taped Zoom interview with co-host Vanessa Lachey. Compared to what everyone was anticipating, the video chat was very disappointing! So, why’d it happen?!

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On Monday, Jackie claimed she and Josh were strictly forbidden from showing up to the reunion, she explained on her Instagram Story:

“Me & Josh did not attend the ‘live reunion’ due to death threats being sent to us and Netflix. Netflix decided to keep up safe & have us do that one on one with Vanessa. We fought & fought to be there & they said it was better to protect us and them. So be it.”

Love Is Blind’s Jackie Doubles Down, Claims Marshall Called Her A 'Transphobic Slur’ And That She Was BANNED From Attending Reunion!
(c) Jackie Bonds/Instagram

Whoa! Death threats are no joke. We’re glad they were kept safe, but it’s still a bummer they merely showed up in a video. It would have been SO much better if the producers at least had the lovebirds call into the studio during the taping so they could have spoken to Marshall Glaze! That was the conversation everyone wanted to see!!

Interestingly, Marshall, who was engaged to Jackie before she ran off with Josh, told ET that he didn’t learn his ex-fiancée wouldn’t be present at the taping until 24 hours before the show. As he mentioned in the reunion, he felt “slighted” not to get the chance to hash things out with the dental assistant directly, he shared:

“[I had] a lot of emotions when I found out, definitely had prepared myself for them to be here. That’s a lot of mental energy that I expense. I was not happy at first, but I just had to roll with the punches.”

The reunion probably would have been a lot more dramatic if Jackie and Josh attended, too!! How do we know? Well, even though the 27-year-old didn’t show up to the reunion, she is STILL posting receipts about her relationship with Marshall!

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After opening up about her absence, she doubled down on claims Marshall made a derogatory comment about her. She shared screenshots of alleged text conversations between herself and co-stars Micah Lussier and Tiffany Pennywell. According to ET, in the receipts, she claimed she previously told both women about the allegedly “transphobic slur” Marshall used toward her while they were signing wedding documents. She also leaked the texts as a way to prove she and the marketing manager had called things off before she hooked up with Josh, though as you’ll see from the timeline (below), it’s still a little sus. Check it out:


Shes still posting them so hopefully this makes her feel better because it doesnt make her look better #greenscreen #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindseason3 #loveisblindseason4 #realitytv #netflix

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Marshall has already denied using any kind of slur, insisting no such word is in his vocabulary. However, he did admit to saying something rude, which he acknowledged during the reunion:

“[Jackie had been] calling me out for my sexual preferences. I felt like it was my turn to make a jab. I said, ‘You know, you got a strong jawline. You coulda been a man for all I know.’… She took very clear offense to it. We were just learning each other. We don’t really know what each other’s triggers are. I thought it was a safe space because she’s coming at me, calling me out for my sexual preferences… I did not say a specific term. I did not use a derogatory word, no.”

The messiness continues… This is why we would’ve loved for them to have a chance to speak at the reunion! Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Jackie Bonds/Instagram & Netflix]

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