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Why Love Is Blind's Jimmy Is SO Glad He Didn't End Up With 'Mean Girl' Jessica!

Love Is Blind’s Jimmy Just Shaded The S**t Out Of ‘Meal Girl’ Jess!

No matter how messy things might be with his fiancée, Love is Blind‘s Jimmy Presnell is NOT having any regrets over breaking things off with Jessica Vestal!

In a surprising revelation to E! News on Tuesday, the Netflix personality totally shaded the s**t out of his ex while claiming that viewers didn’t get the full story on the show. He said:

“Our last date, that wasn’t a date — it was a meeting. She was not nice, and I’ll never go for the mean girl.”


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It’s not hard to see why Jimmy might’ve been offended. The single mother lit into him during their breakup, claiming he was going to need his EpiPen to help him stop from choking when he saw her for the first time out of the pods. As for what fans didn’t see, the reality star shared:

“They only showed her getting to lay into me in a light that wasn’t really fair for me. She walked out on me 10 minutes in and was mad that I wasn’t prepared to say ‘I love you’ to her.”

Meanwhile, on that same day, he had a positive three-and-a-half-hour date with Chelsea, so the choice was obvious to him! But clapping back at viewers who have argued he “fumbled” his selection, the 28-year-old said he was well aware Jess was good-looking before popping the question to the other woman, adding:

“I got the vibe that she was very attractive. She mentioned that she was a baddie probably every 20 to 30 minutes.”

But he was also choosing between a “baddie” and someone who claimed to be Megan Fox‘s lookalike, so as far as he knew, he couldn’t go wrong! And while things have been rocky with Chelsea on the show so far, Jimmy isn’t hung up on Jess AT ALL, adding:

“I’m glad it worked the way it did because I got to see a glimpse of what I might’ve had in my future [with Jess] and how she talks to me when things don’t go her way. It wasn’t fun.”

Welp, guess we can check off any hopes of them reconciling in the last eps of the season. Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

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