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Love Is Blind's Nick & Danielle Had To Work At Their Day Jobs On Their Wedding Day?!

Love Is Blind's Nick & Danielle Worked Their Real-Life Jobs On Their Wedding Day??

For Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl, the work grind never stops — not even for their wedding day!

During Tuesday’s episode of Nick’s Eyes Wide Open podcast, the pair recalled their unique nuptials during Season 2 of Love Is Blind. And unlike most couples, these two did not get the chance to focus solely on preparing for their big moment. Nope. Instead, Nick and Danielle revealed on the podcast episode they had to go to work! No, we don’t mean filming their hit Netflix reality series, we mean their real-life jobs! They literally got off work right before heading down the aisle!

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The reason they were on the clock during their wedding day? The duo unfortunately ran out of vacation days after taking time off for the series! Oof. You can imagine they were a tad moody having to log into work while needing to shoot for Love Is Blind. In fact, Nick remembered feeling “irritable” that day because the producers kept trying to distract them from their work in order to film for the show:

“I was so irritable that day because the producer just kept asking, ‘Where’s your head at? Where’s your head at?’ I’m like, ‘It’s in this meeting I’m about to hop into.’ And it’s like, ‘What are you thinking?’ I’m thinking that I’ve got a meeting with my PR agency at work [and] we’ve got some big decisions to make.”

Danielle agreed, adding:

“We were out of vacation days because we had to keep taking random days off. We worked our wedding day.”

That must have sucked! A wedding can already be so stressful. So add meetings along with the filmed ceremony, it’s no wonder they were getting annoyed at producers. And apparently, these weren’t the only stressful moments during the wedding process!

Another reason they ran into this problem was due to production allegedly switching the date of their ceremony on short notice. Sadly, that also meant a lot of their friends and family members, including Nick’s father, couldn’t attend! Danielle said:

“They told us our wedding was going to be on Sunday, literally a couple [of] days before they told us they were changing our wedding day to Tuesday. A lot of my friends couldn’t take off. A lot of my family couldn’t take off.”

Ugh. On top of the last-minute changes to the schedule, Danielle shared that their family and friends received the wrong invitations! She claimed their loved ones were sent invites to their co-stars Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen’s wedding ceremony. OMG! We wonder if any RSVPed anyway, just out of politeness! LOLz! As Nick pointed out:

“It was so disorganized.”

Sounds so chaotic! At the end of the (work) day, Nick and Danielle said “I Do” at the altar. But their happy ending was short-lived as she filed for divorce after one year of marriage. Despite their breakup getting nasty at one point, there has been speculation  they’ve rekindled their romance. The two didn’t confirm their relationship status on the podcast — but they did note how they’ve reconnected recently. Danielle and Nick also confessed how it’s “so hard” to find partners who can understand their negative experiences on the show. The 29-year-old explained:

“We lived through all of it together, but no one else in the world, even my friends — everyone else that was on the show — none of them had the experience that we did. And that’s why it was so hard to not be able to find comfort with anyone. No one else can relate to this but you and I.”

Love Is Blind fans will have to wait to see if their love story is truly over. But for now, it seems like Nick and Danielle learned a lesson if they end up marrying again — make sure they have enough time off, at least for their wedding day! You can watch the podcast episode (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you ever work right before your wedding ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Love Is Blind/Netflix]

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